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Fashion Designing courses are one of the most in-demand fields of study among modern youth. If you want to start your fashion career, then join one of the best online colleges for fashion design and get the best training from experts from home.

With over 20+ fashion design courses in Hunar Online, you can now get a chance to learn anytime, anywhere through easy video lessons in a language of your choice and get certified by Neeta Lulla and the Govt. of India. Just download our app, watch our fashion trial classes, enrol in your favourite fashion designing subjects and start your journey of building new skills!

With our Fashion Illustration course, you will learn fashion design sketches of all kinds such as Wedding Wear to create designer garments, Women’s Clothes of all kinds, Indo-Western Garments to design fusion dresses and Computer & Digital Illustrations using Auto-CAD to design garments digitally.

With our textile designing course or simply known as Fabric Designing include Dyeing & Printing of fabrics using various techniques, Indian Handpainting to create unique bags & clothes and Natural Dyeing course where you will learn to add only natural colours to fabrics.

With our fashion designing courses in Garment Making, you will learn to cut, draft and stitch fabric to make beautiful & trendy clothes. Our courses include Indian Festive Clothes to make designer garments like Anarkali suits, Men’s Casual Wear to create various garments for men, Saree Blouses to create unique & stylish saree blouses, Indian Clothes to make beautiful ethnic garments, Western Clothes to design all kinds of modern garments, Baby Clothes to create the cutest baby garments, Kids Clothes to design stylish garments for kids.

With our Fashion Styling course, you can learn to create beautiful makeup of all kinds for every possible occasion you may have in your thoughts. You will not just learn to become a makeup artist but you will also learn to create many types of hairstyles. Also, the icing on our fashion styling cake is that you will learn the sense of overall styling including clothes along with colour combinations and shades co-ordinations and become a fashionista.

With our Embroidery courses, you will learn to create many types of motifs using various techniques from home. Our online Embroidery classes include courses like Indian Stitching which teaches traditional ways of embroidery, Patchwork Stitching to add applique & patchwork on clothes, Western Stitching to add unique embroidery on home décor items, Ribbon Stitching to add smocking & ribbon on desired materials, Crochet Stitching to make unique clothes & home décor items, Hand Quilting to make beautiful items for clothes & décor purposes.

With our Boutique Management course, you can turn your dream of owning a store to reality with a successful business plan. Through our Boutique Management course, you will learn product development, sourcing & trading, how to keep up with new trends, advertising, exhibiting and so much more from home.


There are more than 6,500+ women, across the country, who have learnt online fashion from home and built their career in the creative field or started their own business with their talent and our help. Just like them, now you too can pursue your passion for fashion designing and kickstart your dream career!

Watch their journey of building new skills and making their own identity!

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