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Now learn baking courses online and make different varieties of desserts, cakes and chocolates from the comfort of your home. Our courses are designed to teach you the different aspects of baking from the basics to the final product.
You can choose your favourite baking course and learn from the comfort of your home. Our online baking classes are taught by expert faculty and you can master this skill with our help!
Through our online baking classes, you will learn to bake delicious recipes like lemon meringue pie, focaccia bread, chocolate buttercream cake, pineapple fresh cream cake, ultimate chocolate cookies and much more! So, enrol in the course you like and start baking the story of your skill.


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Become a Baker in 5 Easy Steps

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1. Is preheating compulsory? 2. Can I substitute oil for butter? 3. Can I substitute Brown sugar for castor sugar? 4. What is self-rising flour? 5. What is the difference between baking powder and baking soda? 6. What is a double boiler? 7. What is the problem when my cake is burnt on the top and undercooked in the center? 8. How do I measure my ingredients? 9. Is it necessary to follow a recipe exactly? Why? 10. How do we know that baking powder and baking soda is still fresh? 11. Can unsalted butter be replaced by salted butter? 12. Is Parchment paper really necessary? 13. Can I cut down the sugar in the recipe? 14. My cake isn’t rising as expected. Why? 15. Can I freeze a baked cake to be eaten at a later date?