About Hunar Online Courses

1. What is Hunar Online Courses?Hunar Online Courses is an initiative of Hamstech Group of institutes which has thirty years of experience in Fashion Design Education. With an alumni portfolio of over 15,000 students. Hamstech takes pride in its ideology of skill-building. More than 8,000 Hamstech students are working with the biggest brands in the industry today and several others are successful entrepreneurs relating to textile design.

2. Will Hunar Online Courses help me build my skill?We, at Hunar Online Courses, aim to help every interested student develop their ability to design, create and produce that show their personality. Furthermore, each textile design course is designed by famed experts from the industry. Through our easy-to-understand online fashion classes, ample information on each allows you to work at your own pace. We bring creative education to your doorstep and while you practice, we support you through our assessments and constant contact.

3. Who is eligible to enrol in Hunar Online Courses?Anyone with passion for fashion design! At Hunar Online Courses, we encourage those who have a unique zeal for pursing their interest and honing it into a skill. So, if you have a strong keenness for fashion style, you're most welcome!

4. What happens once I decide to enrol in a fashion designing course?Upon making your choice of the textile design course you wish to pursue; you can follow 6 simple steps to start learning :-

  • Step1: Click on "enrol/buy"button.
  • Step2: Fill out your details to register as a student.
  • Step3: Make an online payment using your debit/credit card or net banking. You can also select the Cash-on-Delivery option.
  • Step4: Use the auto-generated password sent to your email to log into our learning Management System which is just a portal for your courses and all the information required.
  • Step5: Receive your Free starter kit which has the material you need to begin your classes.
  • Step6: Go to "My Courses" page and start your lesson number 1!

5. How long will my fashion design course registration be active?Your online fashion course registration is active for a period of 6 months from the day your login credentials are facilitated.

6. Can I enrol in multiple online fashion courses at a same time?Yes, you most certainly can! Hunar Online Courses allows you to learn as many fashion skills as you want at the same time.

7. What is the difference between enrolling in a course and signing up for a free lesson?A free lesson gives you a glimpse of learning techniques and a feel of our online fashion classes. Enrolment helps you access the course available on our learning management system making a payment.

8. When can I start my textile design course? Being an online learning platform, Hunar Online Courses allows you to enrol any time during the course of a year. So, ENROL NOW and avail the Starter Kit to give you a smooth beginning!

Learning Enquiries

1. In case of a doubt, how can I reach out to my online course instructor? Hunar Online Courses ensures that your learning is both interactive and simple. Our faculty members are reachable via skype, chat, email and phone. Our instructors and mentors will be by your side every step of the way throughout your learning journey.

2. How long can I take to complete one fashion design course? You can complete an online fashion course as per your convenience. You may take anywhere between few hours to a few weeks to a few months to complete the course.

3. Can I see a demo of how a fashion designing course is structured? Please sign up for free trail classes to get the essence of the chosen online fashion design course. It will give you an idea of our teaching methodology and the pace of the classes.

4. Will I be able to get in touch with other students? Yes, during the online fashion course sessions, you can interact with your peers through Discussions Board and forums.

5. How and in what form will I receive my certificate at the end of each textile design course?Upon completion of your chosen fashion design course, a digital certificate will be E-mailed to your registered E-mail ID.

Technical Requirements

1. What are the basic requirements of being able to pursue an online fashion designing course?To enrol in an online fashion design course, you may need a basic device like a laptop or even a smartphone with a connection to the internet. It’s as simple as that!

2. 2. Do I need a continuous internet connection to be able to learn online and watch my tutorials? Can I view the tutorials offline?The content of our online fashion courses can only be accessed while connected to the internet.

3. How can I find help if I have a technical difficulty?Contact the Support Team on the toll-free number (10:00AM – 6:00 PM) or leave an email at any time. Your issue will be resolved at the earliest.