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Now learn beauty courses online and create different looks for office parties, festivals, wedding functions and more from the comfort of your home. Our courses are designed to teach you the various aspects of makeup, from the basics to the final look.

You can choose your favourite professional makeup artist course and learn from the comfort of your home. Our online makeup courses are taught by expert faculty and you can master this skill with our help!

Through our online makeup courses, you will learn to create stylish looks like festive makeup, glam party makeup, office party makeup, wedding guest makeup, bridal makeup party makeup and much more! So, enrol in the course you like and start creating the story of your skill.


More than 6,500 women, across the country, have learnt online skills from home and have built their career in the creative field or started their own business with their talent and our help. Just like them, you too can pursue your passion for makeup and kickstart your dream career with our beauty courses! Watch their journey of building new skills and making their own identity!

Become a Makeup Artist in 5 easy steps

Let Us Help You Pick the Best Course!



1. How to prep the skin before makeup? 2. Does makeup spoil the skin? 3. Can we wear foundation every day? 4. How to test for the right shade of foundation? 5. Can we buy makeup online? 6. Should concealer be applied before or after foundation? 7. Which one works better ? beauty blender or brush? 8. Can problematic skin have flawless looking makeup? 9. What is the difference between party makeup and bridal makeup? 10. What is the difference between party makeup and traditional makeup? 11. Do we have to do eye makeup or face makeup first? 12. Are there different foundations for different skin types?