Welcome to Hunar Online Course, India’s best online learning platform for fashion design, jewellery design and home décor courses. With over 30 years of experience, we hope to empower every creative woman to follow their passion with our fashion designing courses and the best part is that you can learn all these courses from home with our 24x7 faculty support.

There are many online fashion design courses we offer such various kinds of garment making course, fashion styling course, exclusive bag making course, multiple fashion illustration courses, boutique management course, many embroidery courses and fabric designing courses too.

We also have various jewellery making courses including beads & wires jewellery making and thread & clay jewellery making. There are jewellery designing courses too which include traditional gold jewellery designing and rose gold & diamond jewellery designing.

Not only that but to beautify your home spaces, we also have exclusive home décor courses namely- Plant Décor and Candle Making courses.

So, choose your favourite course and heighten you creative skills with us today!