Fabric Designing - Dyeing & Printing

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About the Course

Learn fabric design course that will teach you to create garments by helping you to understand every fabric, choosing the right materials, patterns and surface decoration to enhance its richness. With this textile designing course, you will learn about fiber-to-fabric life cycle, textile design, tie & dye, printing, batik techniques and so much more. So, if you also want to make unique & amazing fabric designs then join our fashion design course and learn from experts.

  • 44 lessons with study material
  • Fun and interesting practical assignments
  • Access to expert faculty for doubts and guidance
  • Receive a starter kit with materials to get you started

Commonly Asked Questions

1. What topics are included in this fabric design course?

Our dyeing & printing course teaches you the creative application for your designs and ideas. It forms a major part of Fashion Design as it includes understanding each fabric, choosing the right ones for your design and pattern to enhance the richness of the garments. In this fabric design course, you will also learn to design and implement your vision on fabrics by learning all about prints, tie & dye, batik technique, textiles design and textile science.

2. Can I skip few lessons in this textile design course?

Yes, you can. However, remember, by doing so you are letting go an easy opportunity to learn complex techniques. In addition, you must know that to be eligible for a certificate after completion of your fabric design course, you need to submit 75% of the total assignments.

3. I live in a small town. How can I gather materials required to learn this fashion design course?

As soon as you enrol in our fashion illustration course, we will send you a free starter kit so you can start learning. The study material is also available for you on our LMS (Learning Management System) platform, which is downloadable.

4. What can I do after completing this fabric design course?

After finishing our fabric design course, you will acquire all the skills required to design various fabrics. You can use these skills to start your own label and sell your creations, you can make custom orders, participate or organise exhibitions, tie-up with a boutique or even start your own boutique. The possibilities are endless and depends on you!

5. Can I download my fabric design course or do I need to stream it all the time?

You can stream our video lessons at your convenience and download study materials. Everything is easily accessible to you!

6. If I’m unable to complete my assignments on time, Can I get an extension?

We encourage our students to finish the assignments in the stipulated time. However, if you are unable to do so, you will get a couple of days’ extensions to complete it.