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About the Course

With our bridal makeup courses online, you will learn everything from the basics of skin analysis, varieties of makeup look for various wedding functions, knowledge of tools and products used in makeup and how to start your own bridal makeup business.
Our Bridal Makeup Course is designed to give your talent a professional touch.

  • 37 lessons with study material
  • Fun and interesting practical assignments
  • Access to expert faculty for doubt clearance
  • Receive a starter kit with makeup products worth Rs. 3500 to get you started

Commonly Asked Questions

1. How to prep the skin before makeup?

Basic skin prepping routine only has 3 steps. CTM - cleansing, toning, moisturising. It is necessary and should be used for skin prepping and for flawless makeup.

2. Does makeup spoil the skin?

Makeup is made of chemicals and it can possibly harm the skin if the skin is not been taken care of. It is necessary to have a proper skin care routine before and after application of makeup to avoid skin damage.

3. Can we wear foundation everyday?

Yes! Foundation can be applied every day. Make sure to apply primer before applying the foundation. Make sure to follow the skin care routine. Do not sleep with makeup on.

4. How to test for the right shade of foundation?

Foundation must be tested on the jaw first. Always pick the one that has almost the exact shade as your skin. Foundations are used for the skin to appear even, not change the skin tone!

5. Can we buy makeup online?

Yes, you can buy it online or from a store. Make sure you buy from a trustworthy site like When buying foundation or concealer make sure you know your exact shade, or it is always advised to go try out the shade and purchase.