Hunar Online Courses is an online learning platform which aims at empowering women across the country by helping them learn new skills and become financially independent. Our wide variety of fashion design courses such as Garment Making, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Styling, Embroidery, Fabric Designing, Bag Making, Home Decor, Jewellery Designing and Boutique Management caters to the creative side of every individual and helps them grow.

Hunar Online takes pride in its student community of over thousands of women who have not just learnt a new fashion design skill but have built their own identity. With their talent and our exclusive "My Boutique" Programme, these women have started their own online or offline fashion businesses.

Hunar Online's founder and CEO, Nishtha Yogesh, is one of the leading entrepreneurs in India who believes in the vision of women empowerment and has been relentlessly working towards it.

Majority of the team members of Hunar Online Courses is women. The team, along with Nishtha, works relentlessly towards achieving the common goal of empowering women, across the country, by helping them learn new skills from the comfort of their home.

With multiple courses in Fashion Designing & Jewellery Designing, Home Decor and much more, Hunar Online offers you the opportunity of learning new creative skills from the comfort of your home, through easy video lessons in a language of your choice.

We also have government-recognised courses through which you can be certified by NSDC and get the best industry-level training to turn your skill into a successful business.

So, now is the time to dream, explore, learn and empower yourself with Hunar online.