3 Simple Applique Works You Can Learn From Home with Our Govt-Recognised Course

applique and patchwork

If you love to design clothes, no matter what kind, you must have the knowledge of applique and patchwork. Applique is a simple technique to apply one piece of fabric to another, creating a unique pattern. You can create unique garments with unique designs. You can learn more about these techniques with our Govt-recognised course […]

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3 Types of Natural Dyes You Can Use to Style Your Dupatta In Our Fabric Designing Course!

fabric designing online training

Technically, tie & dye is a process to create patterns on clothes or fabrics through the process of binding them. It is an easy way to add beautiful and vibrant colours to your old clothes in the wardrobe. You can also create brilliant effects by just binding, folding and even simply scrunching the fabric. Natural […]

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3 Types of Kalamkari Painted Sarees You Can Learn to Make with Our Fabric Designing Course!

fabric paint online classes

Kalamkari is the most stylish design and it is also famous among the Indian fashion industry. They are basically a traditional type of hand-prints done on garments. When they are printed on a plain saree, it will make them look more stylish and classy. There are many different types of Kalamkari printed sarees available in […]

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