Stepping Up Your Career with a Fashion Illustration Course Online


Creativity is at the forefront in the fashion industry. Thanks to the accessibility of online education, you can learn from the best from the comfort of your home, and guide your creative prowess in the right direction.

If a white piece of paper inspires you to draw up clothes that you wish existed, this is your chance to do something with that inspiration. Fashion illustration is a rewarding profession and the rewards come in two forms – monetary gains, and the satisfaction of creating something out of thin air.

But can you just get up and start drawing fashionable apparel on a piece of paper? Yes, of course, you can. But will that be accepted as a technical illustration and considered for a physical manifestation? That depends on your training. That is where the fashion illustration courses online, like the one Hunar offers, come into play. 

The Relevance of Online Fashion Education in 2023

The Indian audience is no stranger to the concept of online learning. Kids are learning high school curriculums from platforms like Physics Wallah and adults are preparing for competitive exams with the help of Unacademy. Even professionals are continuously improving their skillsets with the help of courses on Udemy.

It would be rather strange if Indian women did not have an online platform to acquire creative and practical skills from. Online courses offered by Hunar have changed many lives over the past years and it will change many more. The question is if you are ready to commit to a better future.

Here’s what Online Fashion Education enables

  • Access to global course material from the comfort of home
  • One-on-one classes with international professionals
  • Exposure to the industry without leaving home.

What can you Achieve by undergoing a Fashion Illustration Course Online?

Fashion Illustration Course Online

Let’s be realistic here. Fashion illustration is a niche skill. It has two main purposes – manifesting ideas on paper so that they can be turned into designs, or illustrating existing designs on paper so that they can be easily conceptualized.

It is very important work and every fashion designer should know how to do it. Some designers illustrate their designs themselves, some depend on specialized illustrators to bring their ideas to life.

Your illustrations are usually what get you through the door when you try to step into the industry as a designer.

Here is what you can hope to get out of an online fashion illustration course from Hunar.

  • You’ll be able to design many types of Kurtis, Anarkalis, Sarees, and Lehengas among other ethnic apparels, on paper.
  • You will be mentored by the 4-time national award-winning designer, Neeta Lulla.
  • You will get a professional certificate that will strengthen your claim as a designer or illustrator.
  • You can apply your training to infuse different ideas and start your own boutique.
  • You can learn at your own pace.

Navigating your Journey as a Fashion Illustrator

The first step is to understand what you want to create. It will help you learn and grow faster if you can narrow down your focus to a specific type of clothing or accessory. You eventually learn about everything, but having an obsession helps you be the best at something rather than being average at everything.

The second step is to attain training and certification. You can spend a lot on this step by going to a brick-and-mortar institute or save time and money by going to an online institute like Hunar. Both have their pros and cons.

The offline school takes a lot of time and money while offering a personal connection with people. An online academy offers value at a lower price but chips away from the overall experience of going to a place or belonging to a place. Choose your path based on your priority. 

Nevertheless, should you choose Hunar, remember, we have a vibrant community of women who will be more than willing to help you land softly in your new venture.

The third step is to create a portfolio of your work. This is where you showcase your creativity and technical prowess as an illustrator. Updating your portfolio will be an ongoing process. Make sure you have both online and physical portfolios. Work as much as you can at this step, because this is what will set the stage for glory.

3 Tips for Budding Illustrators

1.Consistent Practice

Here’s what practice does – it helps build muscle memory. With practice, the operational aspect of illustration becomes easier. When you stop worrying about the lines and the curves, you start finding creative ways to express yourself. Practice is a continuous process that you can never stop.

2.Learn from Others

Study the work of established illustrators. Try to find out what makes them stand out. In your mind, draw a pathway to reaching such levels of dexterity. Learn also from the ways in which they’ve marketed themselves over the years.

3.Seek Feedback

Do not be afraid to share your work and embrace constructive criticism. While every opinion on an online forum featuring hundreds of people does not matter, you can learn a lot by observing critical comments. While not every person may connect to your illustration, every critical comment offers you a new perspective. Protect yourself from being affected emotionally by criticism, instead use it to excel.

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