Indian Saree Fashion Illustration

What is Illustration?

An illustration is a study of design. It means the study and elaboration of designing ideas. Indian Saree Fashion Illustration, refers to sketching and drawing at the primary stage and digital printing at the second stage. It is the art of sketching the design and elaborating fashion sense. It works on design ideas. Indian Saree Fashion Illustration contains sketching, drawings, and digital printing. Now we have many resources with digitalization but earlier, in the original time, designs were made by handprint only. That time was more rigid than today’s fashion. Designers had to face many difficulties in fashion illustration.

Indian Saree Fashion Illustration

Indian Saree Illustration Steps: –

Sketch a model draft

To start Indian Saree Fashion Illustration, sketch wireframe of the human body using these basic shapes and lines. Sketch additional shapes as a guide for creating people. Next, draw a female figure and create an outline model. Draw a contour on top of the sketch. Erase and delete the sketch mark.

Draft the Border

Then start with the marginal line. Draw a second line parallel to each diagonal. Design the sari border in the shape you like. You have an option to sketch any pattern there. Make the two boundaries the same, similar, or completely different.

Start Drawing Pallu

The main creative part of the sari in Indian Saree Fashion Illustration that hangs from the shoulder is called the Saree Pallu. Draw a line from your wrist to the floor to erase the overlapping parts of the border. Draw another line from the shoulder down, exactly along the contour of the arm.

End the Full Pallu

Now to make this drawing more realistic, you need to sketch the edges of the border so that it looks like it’s touching the ground. This means drawing her hem curved rather than straight. Note the diagonal creases that intersect the outer lines of the fabric to add three-dimensionality.

Draft Pallu side border

This border is the same as the one that crosses the model’s hips, but the pattern elements are reversed. Make sure the width of the board remains consistent throughout the length of the pallu.

Draw bottom border

The lower border of the pallu can be the same size as the others, but it is usually much wider and has a different pattern. This bottom board usually reaches the figure’s calves.

Draw remaining Guidelines

Drawing saree guidelines entail using fundamental geometrical shapes of the anatomy. To help with drawing different poses and shapes, use shapes such as cubes, circles, or lines. Consider it a method of organising the drawing process.

Draft Saree Pleats

Follow the guidelines you made in the previous step to add border pleats. Take note of how they overlap at the bottom.

Draw the skirt portion

To add border pleats, use the same guidelines you used in the previous step. Keep an eye out for how they overlap at the bottom.

Draw Blouse

Start by layering the front body on top of the block pattern on the front skirt. Fit them to your waist. Trace the front, neck, and shoulders according to the block pattern. Start tracing the armhole, but the measurement lowers the curve at the bottom of the armhole.

Sketch folds

Add even dimensions to your Indian Saree Fashion Illustration sketch and draw creases starting at the waist and towards the opposite shoulders and arms. Change the lines and make sure they are not the same length. This may seem unrealistic and stiff. Add some more curved creases around the forearm to suggest the shape of the arm.

Style with your pattern

Get creative and design your sari pattern. You can go in abstract shapes, realistic flowers, or geometric shapes you like. Cover the entire cloth, except for the large bottom plate. You can leave it blank or create another pattern.

Fill with the desired colours

To complete the sketching for Indian Saree Fashion Illustration, choose the colour that you want to use for the fill-in draft pattern.

Indian Saree Fashion Illustration

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