How to Learn Fashion Design Illustration at Home?

Fashion Design Illustration Tips

Fashion Design Illustration is a study of design and the art of putting those designs on paper. It is an art of sketching design and elaborating fashion sense. It works on designing ideas. Fashion Design Illustration contains sketching, drawings and digital printing. Now we have many resources with digitalization but earlier, in the original time, designs were made by handprint only. That time was more rigid than today’s fashion. Designers had to face many difficulties in fashion illustration. Also it took so many times to prepare. Designers used to do lots of hard work in Fashion design illustration.

At Hunar Online courses, we are providing a design illustration course. This will help you to find the types of fashion designing and also a career in it. Also we have enough experts and faculty for each and every course. If we talk about fashion illustration, this is beyond drawing and sketching. We are now far better than the history of fashion illustration.

What is Illustration in Fashion Designing?

As we discussed above, illustration means study and elaboration of designing ideas. In fashion designing, it refers to sketching and drawing at primary stage and digital printing at second stage. To draw a great design, you will the following stuffs for your Fashion design illustration: –


Sketching is the basic thing in Fashion design illustration. It is used to make perfect drafts of the designs. There are 3 types of Fashion design illustration  sketches. They are-

  • Pencil Sketch- It is a very basic type of sketching, which everyone is using.
  • Charcoal Sketch- It is useful for making story designs or fast art.
  • Water Sketch- It is a very special type of sketching, used only for unique designs.

2.Black Sharpening

It is used for creating bold designs or show designs filled with black colour. Basically we can say that it is a pencil work which is used to fill the blocks or column patterns as per requirement and measurement.

3.Fill Colours

After completing the sketch and draft, designers are filling the art work with desired colours. It is useful to understand the draft better. Colour choosing and corrections, that are two different things, that you need  to keep in mind.

4.Make a fashion template

It is the final step to complete a Fashion design illustration. Designers create templates to showcase their designs. That is the full and final look of the fabric design.

5.Croquis Drawing

This term has come from french. There it means sketching only.  Croquis Drawing is a type of live sketching. This is a different type of illustration from others. It is a quick sketch drawn on live models. It is beneficial for short design purposes. That is quick because artists or designers do not have much time to draw detailing.

Illustration Tips You Need to Know

Before finalising the designing costume, one should keep some important tips in mind. It is important because your final template will be the mirror of your talents and skills. Below are three important and necessary tips we are sharing here for you. Let’s have a look: –

1.To Know the Anatomy

Everybody has a different anatomy, so there are different types of fashion design illustration we have. You should know the body type and shape of proportion to create the illustration. When your client asks for a particular pose or idea, being able to move your figure around without having to copy from a photograph or ask a model to make said pose gives you more freedom.

2.Set Your Purpose

You have to have a clear object for your illustration designs. You will need a perfect picture for clothing style, accessories and things needed in the fashion design illustration.


Most important thing in any project is Research. You have to know the styling like; dancing, walking or standing. With the help of research, you will get to know your competitors’ work.


Become a Fashion Illustrator

Along with the learning, anyone can become a Fashion Illustrator with the help of fashion design illustration learning. You can own your Styling Studio or get a job in a fashion institute. Nowadays, Fashion Illustration has a separate career. Professional Fashion Illustrator stylists get highly paid by the employer. So many designer brands are hiring fashion design illustrators for their brand’s profit and growth. This can give you a highly paid employment in a reputable firm. High career needs perfection and experience. Also, you can flaunt your creativity yourself by online and offline together.

Hunar Online Courses

Fashion Design Illustration is a huge stream. Apart from the above, there are so many ways to learn fashion design illustration at home, in a couple of months. If you are choosing it, then you will have this large canvas to learn, grow and earn. We are always ready to welcome you on our platform. Learn in your own language. Now that you know how to learn about fashion design illustration saree at home, draw all your creativity together and colour them on the pages of your wardrobe.

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At Hunar Online, you will get access to detailed video lessons and can learn from anywhere. You will get 24/7 faculty support and a chance to learn from the experts in the industry. Also, watch our trial classes and get a glimpse of our courses. You can start learning your favourite course by downloading the app.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Hunar Online Courses and do what you always wanted to do.

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