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The current generation highly depends on photography to express thoughts and ideas. This may be true about those who are quick to show what they think. But in a professional scenario, drawing has its relevance as to the expression of ideas and designs. Thus, with time, the illustrators have acquired more freedom in expressing and brushing up their creativity.

Even the way they work and view the world has changed with respect to the developments in the technical skills that are helping in drawing realistically. This blog is about the traditional fashion illustration types. Read on to learn the types of fashion illustration if you are a beginner and seeking a career in this field.

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Pencil Illustration

Pencil illustration is one of the most popular and traditional type. Drawing with pencil helps you in creating shadows, transitions and adding accurate lines to the art in your imagination. Sometimes, many illustrators start their work with a pencil and then finish it off with another material. Fashion illustrations drawing courses teach you the art of pencil illustration after which you can start drawing your vision.

The next type of illustration in the blog is often mistaken for a pencil illustration, but it is not!

Charcoal illustration

The charcoal illustrations are are very similar to those drawn by pencil. However, they are not as precise as pen and pencil illustrations. They are mostly used for crafting nooks, fast sketches and short stories. One of the many advantages of using charcoal illustrations is that it lets the artist create a range of textures that represent the shadows and objects naturally.

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Water illustration

Water illustration is a unique type of illustration. The key thing in water illustration is to use colour pigments and create nuances and various transparencies adding water to the colour. This output of this illustration is airy, soft with a lot of depth. This is one of the easiest ways to create splashes of colour merging into another colour.

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