3 Types of Jumpsuit You Can Learn to Make for Kids with Our Garment Making Course!

garment creation

Do you love to create cute and trendy clothes for your baby yourself? Then how about designing a jumpsuit? You can style them in colourful fabric, laces, prints and patterns. It will look keep your baby comfortable and cute. There are many types of jumpsuits which you can easily try to make at your home. […]

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3 Types of Indian Hand Painting You Can Learn to Make with Our Fabric Designing Course!

fabric paint online classes

Modern fashion designers use a number of techniques such as printing, painting and dyeing to beautify simple clothes. Now you can try to do so yourself at home through Fabric Designing. This techniques adds colour, vibrance and artistry to any outfit. Be it a light-coloured or a dark-coloured garment, traditional Indian hand painting will immediately […]

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3 Ethnic Garments You Can Learn to Illustrate with Our Fashion Illustration Course!

best online fashion illustration courses

There are many types of elegant ethnic garments available in the market. These outfits come in a variety of prints, patterns, colours, cuts and designs. However, did you know that before making these beautiful dresses, the designers draw them on paper? Fashion Illustration is an important part of the designing process. Even the best designers […]

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