3 Types of Men’s Jackets You Can Design with Our NSDC Course

garment creation

Most men complain that they have so few options in stylish clothes, unlike women. But the variety of jackets available for men is vast. Now, you can learn to create various kinds of men’s jackets for your loved ones or start your own business with the best NSDC course in India through our Men’s Casual […]

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3 Unique Printing Techniques You Can Learn with Our Dyeing & Printing Online Course

Textile designing has been a part of Indian culture since centuries. The Artisans mostly use natural dyes to increase the durability of the fabric and give it unique patterns. Almost every state in India has its own dyeing & printing technique giving us so many varieties to choose from. Now, you can learn all these […]

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3 Types of Modern Blouses You Can Create with Our Blouse Designing Course Online

saree blouse making courses online

Fashion is an ever-evolving and booming industry. There are so many options that it is confusing when you think about blouse designs. From unique necklines to sleeves variations, blouses can be designed in many modern ways. At Hunar Online Courses, we help you to design many different kinds of saree blouses from the comfort of […]

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