Garment Creation – The Process of Garment Creation

garment creation process

An average garment goes through a lot of steps before it is placed in a store. This blog post explains you briefly about the garment creation process. Read further to know the basis of pattern making; be it a custom-made or mass-produced goes through.

The Concept

The whole process starts with an idea from a designer. If the garment is a custom-made, the inspiration for the design may come from the client itself. However, it is still the job of the designer to execute the vision and cut it to the final output. The complete process includes a sketch or flats of what the items should be able to look like.

Fabrics and Notions

Fabrics and notions are vital in garment creation. Usually, the textiles or fabrics used in the creation are to be selected before the completion of pattern. Patterns define which type of fabrics the pattern was designed for. The fabrics used here have properties that have a lot to say about the design of the pattern.

basis of pattern making

The Pattern

A pattern is kept drafted once the measurements are taken for the concerned pattern. This is later helpful in bringing the garment into reality; down on paper, piece by piece and step by step. The pattern is modified often to be able to accommodate smaller and larger sizes.


This is the final stage in garment creation. The fabric made out of pattern where the pieces are sewn together with all the notions. Here, the garments are inspected to make sure they are sewn well, and they reach the store or the client with a perfect and expected output.

creating garment patterns

These are all the processes that are part of garment design. So, next time when you go and buy a garment, you can think what it takes for a garment creation to keep it for a sale.

Apart from these, there are many more fascinating details related to garment creation. Hence, You can start learning creating garment patterns which is a part of what you learn to be able to start a career in garment creation.

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