Basic Tools Used For Coreldraw

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If you are pursuing online fashion designing courses, graphics designing or similar other courses, then you probably known what Coreldraw is. Corel draw is a designing software that allows users to use different tools to create original images or edit them beautifully as compared to other software.

You can be a pro at illustration or you may be just a newbie using Adobe illustrator. But if you learn the basics of Coreldraw, you can be a step ahead of others in illustrations. The best thing about Corel Draw is the wide variety of tools that it provides you with to design an exceptionally professional art piece. When you take a course on online fashion designing, you get to learn these tools in details. Here are some of the elementary tools of Coreldraw that you need to look over:

The Pen Tool:

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This is one of the basics tools that you will have to start with while working with the Corel illustrator. The preferred settings are RGB in color mode and at 300dpi. But if you ever want to switch to the CMYK, then you can always switch, but then it would be appropriate for the printing options. For web use, RGB is the best. You can also place nodes and draw curves in the segments.

B-Spline and smart drawing Tools:

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Using the B-spline tools you can start with shapes and sizes that would look precise enough. You can place the nodes at curved edges and corners, and then use the fill color option in the Object Properties docker. You can use the smart drawing tool that is similar to freehand smoothening. This will allow your shapes and sizes to be sharp as well as precise.

Freehand and Bezier tools:

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If you want to illustrate fairly simple drawings with a graphics tablet, then using the freehand tool (F5) is the best option. You can start with a low setting of F12 and then gradually switch to 97 that have three nodes in total. Then you can use the Bezier tool for entering different shapes like of faces or anything

2-Pont line and 3-point curve tools:

You can use this when you want to add the final touch to your sketch. Start with the 2-Point line and then gradually move to the 3-point. Draw lines, curves or whatever you want to and then group your objects. When your sketch is complete, you can fill it with curves, styles, templates or designs of your choice.

Corel Draw is known to stimulate the feelings of creativity. It is a great solution for every challenge of graphic designs. When you create something to kick up the emotions as well as the excitements, then you want the world to see that creation. Corel Draw is one of the best and widely used graphic design programs that helps to develop innovative and unique graphics systematically and accurately. Learn the use of Corel Draw for all your designs while sitting at home through online fashion designing courses

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