4 Illustration Tips For Fashion Designers

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When it comes to fashion, the designs need to be laid on paper accurately before the ideas get lost. Illustrations are very powerful tools in fashion designing to get your inner creativity out on the paper. Even if you don’t hold a degree in fashion and have some knowledge about artworks, then you rightfully know that illustrations are indispensable. Once you join online fashion designing courses, you will know the best use of illustrations.

Fashion illustration mainly involves drawing convincingly and realistically on the paper. You need to draw fabrics with movement and stunning realism. This helps to bring more interesting look into the illustrations and lay more emphasis on the dress. Here are some of the fashion illustration tips that will make your illustrations look more real than the regular ones.

Fashion Illustration Tips that Pros Love

Choose the right pencils:

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As swords are for a knight, pencils are for a fashion designer. Sometimes, you might find it difficult to choose the correct pencils. Choosing the right pencil can often be a daunting task. However, you obviously don’t need to use a single pencil for the entire work. You can use a variety of pencils to serve the purpose. For example, you can use 2H pencils for lightest shadows, 4B pencils for the darker areas and 2B pencils for all the initial sketching and shading intermediate values.

Try to focus on the large portrait:

As a fashion designer, you don’t have to act like an artist. Don’t focus on making perfect face and body structures. All you need to do is to add flare to the fabric and make it look hyper-realistic. Begin with focusing on proportions, shapes and the way in which the fabric drapes.

Know the right place to start shading from:

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Start shading from the lighter areas and gradually move to the darker side. Doing so will give your drawing a 3D art piece look. It will give volume to the drawing. It’s better to start with 2H and then move to a 4B pencil gradually.

Consider the texture:

There are a lot of textures in which the fabrics come. There are these splendid satins, tweed, velvet or lace fabrics. Make sure that you incorporate the texture element of each of your fabric to make it more real and impressive.

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The advancement of fashion designing courses in an established institute can make you a successful fashion designer. All you need is basic education and practical knowledge. An fashion illustration online course can open doors for a multitude of jobs. Learning fashion illustration isn’t a task of Goliath anymore like before. There are thousands of courses that can make you a pro in fashion illustration. So what are you waiting for? Get enrolled now!

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