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Jewellery is worn by the women to enhance their overall look and beauty. In the ancient excavation sites figurines and statues of women have been found wearing jewellery like bangles, necklace, earrings and other such items. For example, the lords and senators during the Roman era bought a lot of jewellery design styles for themselves and their wives. They wore these jewellery items when they stepped out of their house so people would notice them and respect their power.

The same kind of jewellery design may not be in trend now but there are some basic guidelines which can never be ignored. These basic guidelines are known as Jewellery Etiquette, which basically means what kind of jewellery to wear for which occasion. Jewellery etiquette is all about being aware of what kind of attire is worn occasion-wise, so you can match your jewellery design with it in the right way.

ancient indian jewellery

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Everyone knows that accessorising the right kind of jewellery with your outfit not only improves your look but also boosts your confidence. When you put on the right jewellery with the right outfit you feel positive and also gain a lot of attention wherever you go. Many women think that when it comes to jewellery designs, “Less is More!”. This is, however, not true for most occasions. You may want to wear sparkling and shiny jewellery designs but you have to be sure about when it would fit perfectly. This depends on the kind of attire you are styling yourself with and also the occasion you are getting ready for.

Ways to Wear the Latest & Trendy Jewellery Design

Unlike today jewellery designs and patterns were very limited in the earlier times. Now, you can make a lot of jewellery designs and patterns in earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets and others. There are also many different materials used in the creation of jewellery apart from just gold and silver. Today, you can use clay, fibre, wires, rose gold and many other kinds of materials to create jewellery designs.

Different items used in jewellery making can be worn to different occasions accordingly.

1. Daily Wear Jewellery Design

There are many jewellery items which can be used every day like rings, thin neck pieces like a chain, pendants which are not heavy and are easy to carry. If you are married then you will always accessorise yourself with a wedding band and engagement ring. Apart from these, women can also wear neck chains and stoned rings for everyday use.


2. Jewellery Designs for Office

When you are choosing jewellery for office there are certain things that you should keep in your mind. It should be simple and should make noise. Apart from being noisy, your jewellery items should also not distract others. This distraction can divert minds during a meeting and while working since it’s a busy time. You can, however, show your love for jewellery with minimal and office-appropriate designs.

To keep it minimal, you can wear stud earrings which complement your overall style and also match your outfit. You can also wear hoops or fancy stud earrings till the time they do not sparkle or shine and do not create a disturbance for you or others.

There are many offices where you can wear large earrings and other fancy jewellery items. You should always avoid jewellery items which are noisy when going to the office. Make sure that your choice of jewellery for office is professional.

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3. Jewellery Designs for Party

It’s a party! You can wear whatever you want to! If you miss not wearing clanging bangles and noisy earrings then this is the time to show-off these jewellery items. It does not matter what kind of jewellery you want to wear; it can be worn to a party. If you have any skull and skeletons jewellery which are informal then those are welcome too.

The only jewellery etiquette to keep in mind here is to not overdo it. Don’t wear everything you own, all at once. Try to mix and match the jewellery with your outfit to get the desirable look that you want.

4. Jewellery Designing Rules- Old vs New

There was a time when jewellery designs had lots of rules. It was very intimidating for people who wore it and designed too. For example, it was a known fact that mixing of real and unreal gems should not happen. It was not written in stones yet everybody followed it. Today, such rules are forgotten and this has expanded the creativity for designers. These small changes in jewellery designing are easier to work with and can be remembered easily too.

It was believed that there should not be mixing of various materials like gold, copper, silver or any other. If you are wearing gold jewellery then you should wear only gold jewellery and same for silver or any other material. However, today you can mix, match and wear all kinds of jewellery items together.


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