Different Varieties of Jewellery That You Can Learn to Make from Home!

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Nobody can deny the love of jewellery that a woman has. Women in India are totally crazy all varieties of jewellery and love to have a great collection of different types of them. Each woman has a different taste in jewellery. Some women like jewellery made of beads and wires whereas some like antique pieces. However, it is the responsibility of a jewellery designer to carefully produce different jewellery designs be it necklace, earrings, rings or any other item.

Pleasing the customer is very important but it is also important to keep the latest trends in mind. Coming up with new jewellery designs and keeping up with the ongoing styles is important. Along with latest jewellery trends, there are many other factors involved in creating appealing jewellery like:


Any kind of jewellery design should not obstruct the functionality of the person wearing it. For example, if you wear a heavy necklace during a wedding then it should not get stuck in your outfit or make you uncomfortable or give you a rash. This will leave the customer with a bad impression of the designer, which might make business difficult later.

Material Knowledge

The elements used in jewellery are obviously important and the knowledge of using them together is also prominent. Just like designing jewellery using gold and platinum is not possible as it will scratch the gold surface because of long-term collision and friction between the two materials. It is important for a designer to know which materials can be used together and which cannot.

Fabrication Techniques

The techniques used in creating different types of jewellery vary depending on the size, shape and desire of the creator. For instance, the creation of gold jewellery cannot be done using wires and the safest way to make beaded jewellery is to use wires as it holds them together easily.

Varieties of Jewellery Designs that You Can Learn from Home

The creation of jewellery is not easy but if you love to make new jewellery designs and are full of creativity then you definitely love the process of their creation. Broadly there are 4 types of jewellery designs:

1.Beads & Wires

The process which uses different kinds of embellishments and wires to use them together for creating bracelets, necklace, rings and other jewellery items is known as Beads & Wire Jewellery. A lot of geometrical shapes like a hexagon, triangle, circle, pentagon or star-shape and others are used while creating these types of jewellery.

The thing to keep in mind while using wires are measurements, diameter of the wire, how many strands you can put in the wire and type of wire you use. The colour of wire is another factor to look out for as there are special wires for jewellery making which come in various colours. You can use these colourful wires to make your jewellery design look fancier.

Beads & Wires jewellery designing is easy and looks gorgeous too. You can wear this kind of jewellery every day to college and office. You can also wear these if you are inviting some guests at home for lunch or dinner.

beads and wire jewellery

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2.Thread & Clay

Clay and thread can be used to create elegant jewellery designs. People love pendants made using clay and not just women. But many college-going girls also opt for accessories made of clay and thread. You can make a lot of customised jewellery using clay. This is because it can be turned into whatever shape the designer wants.

Threads are important to hold the item you have made using clay. The best part is that threads come in lots of colours and combinations. You can use them as they are easy to find in the market too. Also, you can make earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings and many other varieties of jewellery items using clay and thread method.

You can wear this type of jewellery on special occasions in the office and various ceremonies too.

thread and clay jewellery

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3.Traditional Gold

No other jewellery can give you a royal look like gold jewellery. India has always been rich in minerals and gold was worn by our kings and emperors. Gold jewellery is loved by all and no festival in India goes without buying new jewellery in most of the families. Not only that, the first step of shopping in every Indian wedding is of gold jewellery.

In the last few years, instead of buying, people have started to create their own gold jewellery designs as it is customised and expresses a deeper meaning than just gold. Many people create bridal jewellery designs using the name of their would-be or something that would define their relationship.

gold jewellery

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4.Diamond & Rose Gold Jewellery

The modern jewellery form has taken a turn with diamond and rose gold. The colour of rose gold and the shine of the diamond are loved by everyone. This is one of the reasons why people love the combination of rose gold and diamond more than gold and diamond, lately.

You can design all kinds of jewellery items using this combination like earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets and many others. Hands chains made of these materials have become a lot popular and this can be considered as the rise of diamond and rose gold jewellery.

rose gold jewellery

Image Source- Anuradha Art Jewellery

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