Jewellery Making - Beads & Wires


With this course, you will get a chance to:

  • Create many types of earrings, rings, necklaces, braclets and so much more with beads and wires.

  • Be mentored by the 4-time national award-winning fashion designer, Neeta Lulla.

  • Earn a professional certificate.

  • Start your own boutique after completing this course.

Course Syllabus

Learn the jewellery making course from home which uses beads and wires to make beautiful jewellery items like rings, earrings, anklets, bracelets, pendants, necklaces and so much more. If you also love to make beads and wires jewellery then join our online jewellery making course and learn to make all kinds of jewellery with expert faculty.

  • 57 lessons with study material

  • Fun and interesting practical assignments

  • 6 months - One year of access to course

  • Access to expert faculty for doubts and guidance

  • Receive a starter kit with materials to get you started

Click here for lesson topics

  • A View of the Jewellery Making world

  • Beaded Jewellery

  • Introduction to Beaded Jewellery

  • Bead earrings

  • Celtic knot earrings

  • Octagonal crystal bead earring

  • Star pendant

  • Prismatic beaded pendant Crystal bead necklace

  • RAW- Right Angle Weaved Necklace

  • Diamond beading bracelet

  • Beaded finger ring bracelet

  • Beaded cluster ring

  • Bead Wire Wrap Jewellery

  • Introduction to bead wire wrap jewellery

  • Ear studs

  • Tassel hoop earrings

  • Crystal drop earrings

  • Rose ear cuff

  • Elegant floral pendant

  • Spiral bead cage necklace

  • Herringbone bracelet

  • Simple wire-wrapped bracelet

  • Teal beaded ring

  • Filigree Jewellery

  • Introduction to filigree jewellery

  • Fabric earrings

  • Swan shaped chandelier earrings

  • Jig patterned earrings

  • Tubular weaved pendant

  • Coiled weaved pendant

  • Necklace-spirals

  • Egyptian coiled necklace

  • Bracelet

  • Butterfly finger bracelet

  • Celtic bracelet

  • Finger ring

  • Adjustable copper ring and spiral weaved copper ring

  • Statement Jewellery

  • Introduction to statement jewellery

  • Diamond tassel earrings

  • Butterfly wire pendant

  • Crystal beaded wire necklace

  • Chain mail bracelet

  • Fashion Jewellery

  • Introduction to fashion jewellery

  • Lace necklace

  • Braided necklace with tassels

  • Tassel pendant

  • Four strand crown and diamond knot necklace

  • Statement necklace with beads

  • Thread beads and charms necklace

  • Fabric and tassel necklace

  • Fabric earrings

  • Felt earrings

  • Golden necklace

  • Mirror earrings

  • Recycle Jewellery

  • Introduction to recycle jewellery

  • Ring tab necklace

  • Macrame slip-knot shell necklace

  • Safety pin necklace

  • Four-strand woven plait paracord

  • Ikkat necklace

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First Instalment of 4999 to be paid at the time of Enrolment

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Second Instalment to be paid after two months

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Payment can be made through cash on delivery

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Create Many Types of Clothes, Jewellery & So Much More

Create Many Types of Clothes, Jewellery & So Much More

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Get Certified & Start Your Own Business

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will I learn after joining this jewellery making course?

With our beads & wires jewellery making course, you will learn to create a variety of different jewellery items such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and so much more.

2. I love Jewellery Designing but I have no skills. Can I still join?

Don’t worry! Our courses are designed in a way that you can learn this online jewellery making classes from the basics and go on to learn the most advanced techniques. If you have a passion for Jewellery Designing, you can enrol in our courses.

3. When can I start my course?

Being an online learning platform, Hunar Online Courses allows you to enrol any time during the course of a year. So, ENROL NOW and avail the Starter Kit to give you a smooth beginning!

4. Where can I get my starter kit from?

As soon as you enrol in our jewellery making course, we will send you a free starter kit so you can start learning. The study material is also available for you on our LMS (Learning Management System) platform, which is downloadable.

5. What can I do after completing this jewellery making course?

After finishing our jewellery making course, you will acquire all the skills required to design and make jewellery using beads and wires. You can use these skills and make your own line of jewellery and sell your creations, you can make custom orders, tie-up with a boutique or even start your own boutique. The possibilities are endless and depends on you!

6. Can I download my course or do I need to stream it all the time?

You can stream our video lessons at your convenience and download study materials. Everything is easily accessible to you!