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4 Types of Looms Used for Weaving

A loom is a machine used to make fabric by weaving yarn or thread. This art of hand weaving along with hand spinning still remains a tricky yet popular fashion and textile design craft. Even in this era of mechanised looms, the authenticity of indigenous weaves achieved from the traditional, manually operated looms.

There are various types of looms. This is largely determined depending upon the type of fabric you want to weave. Some looms are fairly small and can be mastered easily. Initially, larger looms might seem complex, but they have more detailed options for better usage.

Here are 4 types of looms that are commonly used:

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Ground Looms

Ground looms allow the warp threads to be chained between rows of dowels. The weaver has to bend forward in order to perform the task of looming easily. The weaver can also position his/her legs below and leveled with the loom.

Backstrap Looms

Backstrap looms are popular in Textile Designing for their ease in portability. While one end of this loom is secured around the waist of the weaver, the other end is attached around a fixed object like a stake, tree or a door.

Frame Looms

In terms of mechanism, frame looms are similar to ground looms. It is made of rods and panels fixed at right angles turning it to a box shape. This makes it handy and more manageable. Portability is the reason for frame looms to be utilised for textile making.

Rigid Heddle Looms

Heddle looms are rigid in structure. Typically, there is a single shaft, with the heddles fixed in one place of the shaft. The warp threads pass alternately through a heddle and through a space between the heddles.

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