Hamstech Online’s Vizag Workshop on Creating Warli Art

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fashion designing courses in vizag

Firstly, Indian art has always been instrumental in keeping the people connected. Hence, most of the people have been preserving precious testimonies for ages. Also, these art forms showcase the diverse cultural flavours of India. So, now it’s time we take up the mantle and make the world of art more prominent and learn a new skill with fashion classes online.

What is Warli Art?

Firstly, Warli art is one such Indian art forms that come from the ancient Warli tribe. This tribe is from the mountainous and coastal areas of Maharashtra-Gujarat border and surrounding areas. Hence, their cave paintings are inspired by the flora and fauna.

Since art has always been a major inspiration for fashion designers. Many of them are taking their print and embroidery ideas from these cave paintings. With Hamstech Online Courses, you can work on the art while you learn fashion online.

Fostering the spirit of creativity among the people, a workshop on Warli painting was organised by Hamstech Online Courses on Feb 28, 2019, at Vizag. A group of young and creative fashion enthusiasts attended the event. They got to learn about the possibilities of online fashion designing course. With the right guidance, attitude and will, they can build designing skills on their own terms and convenience.

The example put forward was that of Hunar Online training. Through these online courses, you can now learn the art of garment creation right from home! They now know that with the right fashion classes online, it’s possible to enhance their designing skill through easily comprehensible videos.

After the experts took the audience through the features of the courses provided by Hamstech Online, the participants took part in a creative exercise involving Warli paintings on fabrics. They were given a live experience of how thoroughly they get to learn the artistic skills with Hamstech Online’s fashion classes online.

The event proved to be highly motivating for the audience. Hunar Online often hosts this kind events to encourage and elevate the designing fervour among the creative and enthusiastic minds.

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