Get the Best Hairstyle According to Your Face Shape with These Fashion Styling Tips!

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Deciding to get a new haircut can be a daunting task for unique face shapes like the Heart and Diamond Shaped Face. There is a wide range of haircuts to choose from and most of the time we end up choosing the wrong one. The excitement of getting a new haircut often ends in the guilt of, “I didn’t imagine this outcome”. We go through a fashion magazine to get a perfect hairstyle that can look good on our face but most of the time we fail in that too. The professional fashion stylist, Skylar McDonalds, believes that getting a perfect hairstyle is all about the proportion of the face.

The reason why most of the time our hairstyle doesn’t look good on our face is that we do not give keen attention to our face shapes. The hairstyle that looks gorgeous on your best friend’s face may not look good on your face. A good hairstyle can do wonders and highlight the features of your face. Most of the stylists suggest different fashion styling tips to get a perfect hairstyle. It is better to get a personal tip from your fashion stylist when planning to get a haircut the next time.

You need to know the shape of your face to get the perfect hairstyle. The best way to trace the shape of your face is by clicking a selfie of you and analysing it. Try not to smile in the photo, to get the original shape of the face in a natural position. You can also stand in front of the mirror and trace the shape of your face using a marker. Once you have a clear idea about the shape of your face you can get the perfect haircut accordingly.

Let’s have a look at the different hairstyles that will go best with your face.

1. Heart-Shaped Face

If your forehead is the fullest part of your face and you have a pointed chin, then the shape of your face is heart-shaped. You can determine it easily at home, by standing in front of the mirror and see if your face seems like an upside-down triangle. Deepika Padukone is the perfect example of a heart-shaped face. The perfect hairstyles for this face shape would be the one that can make your face look proportionate by blurring the sharp jawline. It will make your forehead look less full. The best haircut would be medium length side-swept bangs and long layers. The suitable length of hair for a heart-shaped face is medium and long length. If you want to keep short hairs you can opt for a pixie cut with bangs as it will highlight your cheekbones and make your eyes look big and elegant.

2. Round Shaped Face

People who have round-shaped face have fuller cheeks and the sides of their face are slightly outward. The chin and cheek of these people are round and their face doesn’t have sharp angles. Actress Vidya Balan is a perfect example of a round-shaped face. To strike a perfect balance go for an elongated hairstyle or you can also choose a side-parting hairstyle for an easy choice. Don’t go for a sleek or too voluminous hairstyle. If you have long hairs you can go for side-swept Hollywood waves. You can also do a messy bun with few strands falling on the face. If you have short hair, you can opt for an angled bob or pixie cut.

Round Shaped Face

Image Source- Unsplash

3. Square Shaped Face

If the side of your face is straight with angled jawlines and fewer curves then your face shape is square-faced. The length and the width of your face are almost the same. Don’t go for haircuts that end at your chin because they will increase the volume of your side face, which can make it look awkward. Don’t go for short hairstyles, instead go for long curls and waves to get a beautiful look.

4. Oval Shaped Face

People with oval face shape have forehead wider than the chin. This face shape is considered dynamic because a wide range of hairstyles can go with it. Anushka Sharma has an oval face shape, you can check her hairstyles if you too have an oval-shaped face and want to try a celeb look. Side-swept hair, shoulder-length bob or bangs with layers are ideal for this face shape. If you have short hair you can choose an angled cut.

Oval Shaped Face

Image Source- Unsplash

5. Diamond Shaped Face

The best way to know if your face is diamond-shaped is by checking if the centre of your hairline and the centre of your cheeks and chin forms a diamond shape. In such face shapes cheekbones are generally high and the jaw is pointed. Having long length hair is good for this shape of face. Side-swept bangs go well with a diamond-shaped face.

Diamond Shaped Face

Image Source- Unsplash


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