Tools You Need To Learn Cake Making

Tools You Need To Learn Cake Making

Over the past year, baking has become an essential part of our lives. Everyone has tried at least one trend in baking, be it banana bread, chocolate cake, cookies or even the baked feta cheese pasta. This may have been a good experience for some people while most may have struggled. The struggle stems from a lack of tools. Without the right tools, the cake preparation process becomes very difficult. We have compiled a list of essentials that you can add to your kitchen so that the baking process becomes easy and you can have fun.

WIth the right cake making tools, you can avoid major errors in the baking process and get the perfect cake every time!

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While baking a delicacy, you obviously need the ingredients for the recipe and a standard set of tools that are used in every recipe. These tools include:

  • A Sifter/Sieve
  • Measuring Cups
  • Whisk
  • Parchment Paper
  • Hand Mixer
  • Spatula
  • Cooling Racks and so on.


baking tools
Image Source- Food & Wine Magazine

These may seem like a huge expense, but I assure you it is definitely worth it. These tools will help you in making delicious, mouth-watering desserts that look exactly like the picture and taste even better. A good baker is well-equipped to deal with any step the recipe calls for. Homemade cakes can be made easily and don’t really need any recipe to be followed strictly but desserts like macarons, gooey brownies, sour-dough breads, etc. require you to follow very specific instructions in order to get the final result. 

Here, we are going to take a deep dive into the few of the essential tools that are recommended by most cake baking classes so that you learn better and faster. Feel free to use this list as a reference when you go shopping for/order your cake baking essentials.

Table of Contents

  1. Measuring Cups
  2. Sieve
  3. Parchment Paper
  4. Hand Mixer and Spatula


1. Measuring Cups

While baking, these tools in cake making are very important to follow the recipe exactly. This includes adding the right amount of ingredients as specified. Most recipes stick to stating the measurements in cups or tablespoons. This is why measuring cups are a one-time investment that will last you a long time. These usually come in a set with 8 or 10 and have measurements of 1, ¾, ½, ¼ cups, 1, ½ tablespoons & 1, ½ teaspoons. Since most recipes require ingredients to be added in such standard measurements only, it makes sense to invest in this tool. This is a boon for every baker and makes the preparation process easier.

measuring cups

Image Source- Allrecipes

2. Sieve

A sieve is used to mainly sift the dry ingredients before mixing them with the wet ingredients. This is a very crucial step that most people skip because it may be a little messy. In fact, until very recently, home bakers believed sifting was a myth, created by the sieve industry to boost sales. This myth has been busted by various professional bakers and it has been confirmed that sifting helps make the batter airy and also remove any impurities. The final dish comes out soft and fluffy when the dry ingredients like flour, sugar, baking soda etc. are sifted before being mixed. Did you believe sifting was a myth or is it your secret weapon to making light and airy cakes?

3. Parchment Paper

Any experienced baker knows that the best way to avoid the dish from sticking to the pan is using parchment paper. This is more effective than simply greasing the pan. You can find rolls of brown parchment paper or simply invest in a silicon baking sheet and reuse that everytime you bake. Earlier, parchment paper was a luxury commodity so home bakers couldn’t invest in a lot of it. With the evolution of social media and origin of home baking, vendors were forced to bring down the prices to boost sales. This sheet can be used while baking cakes, cookies, breads and so much more. What would you rather use, parchment paper or a silicon baking sheet?

baking parchment paper

Image Source- Goodcook

4. Hand Mixer and Spatulas

It is always recommended to mix the dry ingredients and the wet ingredients separately first before combining them. Hand mixers are the perfect tool to mix the wet ingredients perfectly. Ingredients like eggs, milk, butter etc. can easily be mixed together with a hand-held mixer or even an automatic mixer. The hand-held mixer allows you to control the movements and mix evenly. The dry ingredients can be mixed using a whisk.

Once they are thoroughly mixed, it is time to combine the dry and wet ingredients with the help of a spatula. You need to be very gentle while folding them together so that the final product is fluffy and airy. If you mix it too much, then there may be some heat produced that may coagulate the batter. If you mix it too little, the mixture will have lumps and will not bake evenly. So keep in mind that you fold the ingredients in gently until no more lumps can be seen.

hand mixer and spatula
Image Source- American Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology


These are just a few of the tools in cake making that you can use to bake delicious treats successfully. A good baking course will help you understand the importance of having the right tools. Our online courses are aimed at empowering and enabling home bakers to polish their skills and make a successful career out of it. So if you are interested in baking, then join us now and learn from the comfort of your home.

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