Easy Substitutes You Can Use While Baking

Easy Substitutes You Can Use While Baking

Baking has become a common hobby and many people wish to polish their skills enough to make a career as a professional baker. This practice may take a lot of time and resources that aren’t always available easily. The best part about baking is that you can easily replace ingredients if the qualities match. A good baking course will help you understand all the properties and functions that ingredients have in a recipe. We have compiled a list of a few good substitutes while baking to try in case you aren’t able to find the exact ingredients you need.

Imagine a scenario where you are baking and you run out of vanilla essence to add flavour to your dish. In this case, it is too late to go out and get a new bottle of essence. So a fit replacement would be coffee mixed with cocoa powder and water. This concoction will do the job and rid the batter of the smell of raw eggs so that your final dish smells amazing and delicious.

We Indians are best at substituting one thing for the other. We can manage any shortage and come up with brilliant ideas in no time. Same goes for cooking too. If you run out of stock for any ingredient while baking a cake, don’t worry! You have just the perfect substitutes while baking.

Often the substitutes need to be mixed with other ingredients or the quantities need to be altered but the substitution is possible. Some of the most common exchanges that can be made are listed below:

Baking SodaBaking Powder
Brown SugarMaple Syrup & Granulated Sugar
Powdered SugarGranulated Sugar
HoneyMaple Syrup/Corn Syrup
ButterMargarine/Greek Yogurt
Cake FlourAll-Purpose Flour & Cornstarch

Table of Contents

  1. Baking Soda
  2. Sugar
  3. Honey
  4. Butter

1. Baking Soda

We have all mixed up baking powder for baking soda at least once in our lives. It is a very common mistake that most beginner bakers make. This is because they are pretty much the same thing, just in different concentrations. Some recipes call for baking soda while you may have only baking powder at hand, or vice-versa. All you have to do is tweek the quantities a little and you can easily substitute baking soda with baking powder. The most common conversion used is :

½ Teaspoon Baking Soda = 2 Teaspoons of Baking Powder

baking powder

Image Source- TODAY

2. Sugar

Most baking recipes call for powdered sugar or brown sugar because they improve the texture of the batter and are necessary for the mixture to take the desired form. People sometimes ask if they can skip adding the sugar to their recipe because they want it to not taste very sweet and also cut down the calories. Sugar is a very important part and can easily be found around the house. In case you need to substitute powdered white sugar, you can substitute it with granulated sugar that needs to be grounded into fine powder and cornstarch. Brown sugar on the other hand may be difficult to find lying around the house but it can easily be substituted by granulated sugar and maple syrup.

Powdered Sugar = Granulated Sugar (Ground) + Cornstarch

Brown Sugar = Granulated Sugar + Maple Syrup


Image Source- The New York Times

3. Honey

Honey is another common household ingredient that rarely ever need substitutes while baking. The most common case in which you need to look for substitutes for honey are when the person is allergic to it or you have run out of it and have the substitutes available. Honey can be substituted by any other syrup like maple syrup, agave syrup or corn syrup.

1 cup Honey = 1 cup Maple Syrup/Corn Syrup


Image Source- BBC Good Food

4. Butter

Almost no baking recipe is complete without butter. If it is not added into the batter, it is at least needed to grease the baking dish so that the item doesn’t stick to it. Butter adds richness to the batter so that the baked product comes out delicious. In some cases that you run out of butter, it can easily be substituted by margarine. Margarine has the same properties as butter with a slightly different fat percentage. This is the perfect replacement for butter in your recipes if you ever need one.

1 cup Salted Butter = 1 cup Margarine

Image Source- Food & Wine Magazine


There are just a few of the substitutes you can use while baking. You can also match and replace ingredients based on how they react with the other ingredients and the baking temperatures.

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