Fashion Styling Guide: Career Options to Choose from

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‘Who’, ‘What’ and ‘Where’ are the 3 ‘W’s trending in the entertainment and fashion styling industry. It matters most to celebrities, who want to create a certain image and get noticed for their fashion sense. Have you ever wondered who the actual professionals behind all these looks and style are? It’s none other than a fashion stylist!

Today, fashion styling is a highly recognized profession. With the ever-changing fashion trends, almost every person needs a bit of assistance with styling. Fashion styling is a vastly scoped profession. Fashion designing institutes are providing fashion styling undergraduate courses that include everything from basic styling and other roles of a fashion stylist.

Here are few career roles in fashion styling that you can go for.

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Image consultant

They say, “First impression is the best impression”. An image consultant is a person who guides the client on creating a confident image, especially in social occasions. As an image consultant, your role is to guide your client on what outfit to wear and how and when to don a particular attire or jewellery. The image consultant also advises on how to carry your accessories.

Other than the appearance, communication and behaviour are also advised on by an image consultant. Fashion styling courses teach the students about image consulting which eventually helps them in real life.

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Wardrobe Stylist

As a wardrobe stylist, you get to be a part of theatre productions, films, television and concerts. Here, you get to work on different looks of actors, dancers, musicians and others. Right from garment selection and make-up to jewellery, every element of creating a particular look is precisely worked on.

Personal Stylist

Firstly, a personal stylist offers personalized assistance to a client on revamping their wardrobe, make-up and accessories to give him/her the perfect makeover. Hence, guidance is provided on what kind of clothes to wear, ideal make-up that suits the complexion, different kinds of accessories to use and more. The role of a personal stylist would also involve giving beauty tips and assisting with personal shopping.

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Photo Stylist

Being a photo stylist requires patience and lots of creativity. The main job of a photo stylist involves styling models for photo shoots, catalogues, magazines, etc. So, once you attend fashion stylist training courses, you can actually make photo styling a full-fledged profession.

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Show Stylist

With so many events and shows happening, the role of a show stylist has become prominent. As a show stylist, you have to closely coordinate with models. Hence, every show requires a certain look, and a show stylist is the one who works on the required look. This requires you to do a thorough research and stay updated on the latest fashion trends, accessories and make-up.

Fashion stylist training programs equips you with the required knowledge and necessary skills to become a show stylist.

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Corporate Stylist

Of late, many corporate entities and offices are following dress codes in order to maintain a professional work environment. A corporate stylist trains the employees and management on what kind of dress code to follow at work and how to appear for seminars, discussions and presentations.

A corporate stylist not only grooms you for a professional environment, but also trains you on work ethics.

Fashion styling has immense scope and apart from the above roles, you can opt to become a celebrity stylist, merchandising stylist or editorial stylist. Hard work, dedication and creativity are the keys to a successful career in this field.

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