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A single day may not be enough to celebrate the spirit of womanhood. As an organisation that works tirelessly towards the empowerment of women, Hunar Online App celebrates every day as Women’s Day (March 8)!

Isn’t it quite flabbergasting how a mother can differentiate the type of cry led out by the new born. They know exactly if the child is hungry or is not well?

The one quality every woman possesses but is often less talked about is her skills. The skills with which she manages the kitchen, cooks and manages the house all at the same time, is exceptional.

Hunar Online Courses is an online learning platform that aims at empowering women across the country. They do so by helping them explore the novelty, learn new skills and become financially independent.

On the occasion of women’s day (March 8), make the best of this world and your talent by enrolling in our wide variety of courses. Learn Garment Making, Fashion Illustration, Fashion Styling, Embroidery, Fabric Designing, Bag Making, Home Decor, Baking, Makeup, Jewellery Designing and Boutique Management.

What is Hunar Online Courses?

Hunar Online is one place where you can speak your original human mind. With a community of 20L+ of women following their passion and built their identity, we take pride their success. The success of our exclusive “My Boutique” Programme has helped several women start their own online or offline fashion businesses. This can be attributed to the talents that these women possess.

With the vision of women empowerment, the founder and CEO, Nishtha Yogesh, cemented the bricks of Hunar Online Courses. And has been relentlessly working towards the achievement of the set vision since then. She is one of the leading entrepreneurs in India who believes that talent is like any other luxury.

With our Online Courses, knowledge is no more a tricky thing. The majority of the team members of Hunar Online Courses are women. The team, along with Nishtha, works relentlessly to influence your whole personal and spiritual development and strengthens your ability to grasp more knowledge. Much similar to the role women supporters play in enhancing our lives.

Hunar Online Courses has an app for its students as well as for the general public. With the help of this app, you can watch various free trial classes of different courses offered by Hunar Online. Learn your favourite course in the language of your choice.


Hunar app has several features that are student-friendly.

1) Learn Anywhere, Anytime and In Your Language

Me time is a necessity for every woman to connect back to themselves, relax and relax some more. Keeping in mind that the students of Hunar Online consist of women from different professions like college students, working professionals and homemakers, this app provides the convenience of learning from anywhere at any time that you find suitable so that even your me-time is put to the best of use. You can also learn your favourite course in the language of your choice.

2) NSDC Certificate- Recognised by Government of India

Now, learn your favourite creative course from home and get certified by National Skill Development Corporation along with Hunar Online. Our online fashion designing courses with certificates will help every woman wake up with a surprise.

3) Learn from Expert Faculty

Professional and expert faculty such as Lalitha Jonnalagadda, Sally Gandhi, Mahesh Jammula, etc. Our Advisory Board consists of eminent personalities from the industry who will help the women not to be afraid of dreaming a little bigger.

4) Get Certified

Get a professional certificate signed by your mentor and one of India’s top fashion designers, Neeta Lulla, who is a costume designer of Bollywood movies like Jodha Akbar, Devdas, Manikarnika and more. She is also a 4-time national award-winning recipient of the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Award. Neeta Lulla can infuse a grandeur charm into the life of every woman.

5) Attend Workshops

Regular seminars and workshops conducted by top professionals from the industry like Neeta Lulla, Wendell Rodricks, Yeshwanth Rama Murthy, Kavita Daryani, Gauri and Nainika Karan, Anand Kabra amongst many others.

6) Watch Live Webinars

We bring you free live Webinars where industry experts discuss and share interesting facts. The interactive programs can clear your doubts and help you learn more about the industry so that you can become a professional yourself! Get the best industry-level training to turn your skill into a successful business.

7) Participate in Fashion Show

The Hunar Fashion Show, which is Hunar Online’s glamorous annual fashion show and sale, is a great platform for the students to put up a spectacular display of their garment collections and designs. Participation in fashion shows creates an emotional balance and stability. It recharges your spirits during times of tiredness and mental stress and provides a similar feeling of serenity with a touch of freshness that women bring to the world.

8) Gain Post-course Counselling

With your post-course counselling, we help you to take your skills to a professional level. With our guidance, you can learn about all the career options you have after the completion of your course.

9) Safety

One of the frequently asked questions about the Hunar Online App is whether it is safe and the answer to this is- yes, totally. Considering the privacy of the users as its priority, Hunar Online App takes into consideration the ethical standards in gathering any information provided by the user, so that you don’t need to worry about your data and information anymore.

All the qualities of a woman make her a light too strong for a star and in every woman, we may find evidence of the existence of God.

So, this year, let’s make an instant connection with the women around the globe to celebrate the spirit of womanhood and acknowledge the support of all the men who have been a part of their families. Now is the time to dream, explore, learn and empower yourself with Hunar Online.

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