5 Ways to Get Gorgeous Eyes with Kohl

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Every woman is a bit of a fashion stylist in her own way! Indeed, every woman follows a distinct style when it comes to doing her eye makeup. Any of the top fashion design institutes will teach you the importance of the right makeup look to complete an outfit.Most women feel incomplete without at least one stroke of Kohl. To make your eyes look gorgeous, firstly, you have to find the Kohl that suits your personality. Kohl is most commonly applied with a pencil.

However, if you are bored applying Kohl the same way every day, here are five different ways that you can try according to your attire:

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Basic Kohl

Basic Kohl is the easiest and fastest way to apply Kohl. Here, you will have to apply Kohl equally on both the upper and lower eyelashes.

Smokey Eyes

To get smokey eyes, start with applying Kohl on the upper lash line, lower lash line and waterline. You can use a pointed brush or flat brush. After doing this, make a small ‘v’ at the corner of your eyelids.

Gothic Eyes

To achieve Gothic eyes, you will need to apply heavy dark black Kohl to your eyes. Along with that, line the eyes heavily on both upper and lower lash line.

Winged Eyes

To get this look, put the Kohl on the upper lash line a little higher than usual and thicken it towards the corner. Draw the pencil inwards while filling the outer corner. The winged line will extend upwards from the corner of the eyes to about halfway till the end of the eyebrow. Finally, add a thin line of Kohl on the lower eye rim.

Double Winged Eyes

Use a double-winged style for special occasions. For this look, apply Kohl on both upper and lower lash lines. Keep the lashes as close as possible. Then, extend the upper and lower lash outwards and the lower lash line parallel to the extended upper wing.

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