3 Ways to Enhance Your Pants with Applique and Patchwork!

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Aren’t Indian garments amazing? The perfection you find in the lovely prints & patterns, intricate embroidery, colourful effects created by dyeing and the mesmerising fabric paintings are something you’ll not find in any other dresses.

Out of all the attractive ways of enhancing an outfit, applique and patchwork is a popular and interesting technique used by Indian artists. The art of attaching a beautiful fabric on another piece of cloth never gets old.

This amazing method can be used on almost every garment. However, the pants with applique and patchwork can add grace to any outfit.

Here are the 3 ways to enhance your pants with Applique and Patchwork. Check them out:

1. Cigarette Pants with Applique

Cigarette pants are among the most trending garments these days. From lace patterns to buttoned designs, you’ll find unique varieties of this apparel that goes well with almost every top. However, a cigarette pant with applique is among the best designs of this outfit. Now you can learn to attach artistic applique on your simple pants by joining the Applique Patchwork courses online.

2. Jeans with Patchwork

Undoubtedly, jeans is one of the most comfortable casual garments that is worn by almost every person. These days, a lot of people are opting for designer jeans with add-ons. Out of all the latest varieties of this garment, jeans with patchwork are something you shouldn’t miss out on. The Patchwork Applique courses online can teach you to attach some amazing patches on your jeans effortlessly.

3. Applique and Patchwork Harem Pants

Harem pants are trendy and unique outfit that can be worn on both casual as well as ethnic wear. Now you can learn the simple ways to design them with both applique and patchwork by joining the Apparel Design Courses Online.

Apart from applique and patchwork, there are many other ways to add elegance to your pants. With Hamstech Online’s latest Apparel Designing Courses, you can learn about all of them.

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