Design 3 Embroidery-Patchwork Dresses with Our Applique & Patchwork Course!

applique and patchwork

We have heard about the different types of elegant patchwork and intricate embroidery designs used on garments. But, have you heard about embroidery-patchwork?

It is the art of stitching beautiful embroidery on a piece of cloth and that is attached to another fabric, which is called the patch. To create such artistic designs, you will need a lot of practice and patience.

Here are the 3 garments that look fabulous with embroidery-patchwork. Check them out:

1. Gowns and Maxi Dresses

Because of its comfort, a gown or a maxi dress is one of the most favourite outfits for many. However, a simple and plain maxi dress may not look as attractive as the one with embroidery-patchwork. You can add brightness to your dull maxi dresses with this technique. The Apparel Design Courses Online can teach you to stitch this with perfection.

2. Salwar Suits with Embroidery-patchwork

We all have lovely salwar suits but the one with embroidery-patchwork is something that will help you stand out. You can find a lot of suits with this design on the neck, hemlines and sleeves. However, if you want a heavily embellished salwar suit, you can learn to enhance it yourself through Apparel Designing Courses.

3. Sarees with Embroidery-patchwork

For all the saree lovers out there, a saree with an embroidery-patchwork is something you should definitely try for this wedding season. These sarees look amazing and wearing this will fetch you a lot of compliments. You can make these amazing pieces for yourself and your loved ones with Textile Designing Courses Online.

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