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Learn 3 Ways of Decorating Black Fabric With Our Govt-Recognised Embroidery Course!

Did you know that a human eye can see approximately 70 lakhs colours at a time? However, out of all the mesmerising hues, black is a top choice for many.

When it comes to embroidery, a pattern that looks good on the other coloured fabric appears exceptional on black material. Hence, a lot of fashion designers use this shade to design their best creations. Just like them, you too can enhance your lovely black dresses with exquisite embroidery.

Now you can learn to do this from the comfort of your home only with Hamstech Online’s latest government-recognised Textile Designing Courses. Check out the 3 techniques that you would want to try:

1. Applique and Patchwork

Applique and Patchwork is a technique that visually enhances a fabric. Now you can use this amazing type of embroidery to add elegance to your black attires. Our govt-recognised Apparel Designing Courses will help you to do this artistically.

2. Ribbon Embroidery

Ribbon embroidery is a unique type of art work that will add grace to your black dresses. You can make different floral patterns using this exquisite design. Our government-recognised Fashion and Textile Design Courses can teach you to do this effortlessly.

3. Traditional Embroidery

Traditional embroidery is stitched with bright and beautiful coloured threads that make this artwork different from every type of handloom in the world. You can enhance your black outfits with Chikankari, Phulkari, Toda, Banjara, Kantha, Kasuti and so many other mesmerising types of embroidery. Now you can learn about all of them with our Textile Design Classes.

Want to know the other techniques to beautify black garments? Now you can learn about all of them and get your skill recognised by the Government of India through National Skill Development Corporation.

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