The Most Popular Plants Used in Home Interior Décor

Home interior décor ideas are becoming very popular as many people today want their homes to look the best. Now more than ever, plants are being used for home interior décor in ways that one could not have imagined. This shows that people want to use their creativity to a great extent in order to revamp the look of their homes at a minimal price. Most of the home décor ideas being implemented these days are sustainable, recyclable and help in saving heavy investments. Why invest so much in decorating your home when you can do it by yourself?


All you need is a few plants and plant holders that you can hang all-around your home and make the aura fresher. However, not all plants can be used for your home interior décor. There is a specific set of plants that live longer and don’t grow too big and hence are perfect to use inside of people’s homes. When it comes to outdoor gardening, there is no limit on what one can plant. This is because outside of homes people have enough space to let plants grow. But the same is not true for indoor plants. Let us look at a list of plants that are most popularly used in home interior décor:


Most Popular Plants Used in Home Interior Décor


1.Snake Plant:

The snake plant is one such plant that does not require constant watering or sunlight. This plant is small in size and also looks stylish. As the name of the plant suggests, the snake plant appears to be like the skin of a snake. One of the main reasons that this plant is popularly used in home interior décor is that it helps in purifying the air. The snake plant removes any toxins that are present in the air. If your home is situated near a street and you feel the air is polluted, you can place this plant in various rooms. A medium sized plant holder can be used to keep these plants at various spots in your home.


Snake Plant


Image source: The spruce


2.Golden Pothos:


If you have seen a small, lemon green colour plant planted in anyone’s house so far, it was probably the golden pothos. This is a mini plant that is becoming very popular for home interior décor. This type of plant is very easily available in any nursery or even a home décor store. The best part about this plant is that it can be placed in an area where there is very low sunlight. You can place these small plants next to your bedroom window or balcony and watch it grow happily. The colour of this plant is extremely fresh to look at and can instantly fix your mood when you walk into the room after having a bad day. This kind of plant can also be placed in your kitchen, if you wish to make your kitchen look more stylish.


Golden pothos


Image source: Green Beanz Green Beanz



3.English Ivy:


The English Ivy is an extremely stylish looking plant that is of small size and is perfect for home interior décor. The only negative about using this plant is that they need bright light and hence can only be placed near a window or a balcony. That being said, this plant is extremely cute, and the leaves have a unique shape. Since the size of this plant is small, you can place them in plant holders and hang them directly next to a window. You can also place this plant in a decorated glass water bottle to make it look even more pretty. This plant is sure to catch the attention of visitors and will make your room look clean, green and aesthetic.


English Ivy


Image source: The spruce




The peperomia is similar to golden pothos except the fact that it is greener in colour and also denser. These plants are very popular for home interior décor and they come in almost 1000 varieties! The plants do not grow more than 18 inches in size and therefore are perfect for any small space inside of your home. The best place to keep this plant is on your showcase or tea-table in a way that it can be easily seen as soon as you enter the house. These plants are also very friendly when it comes to children or pets. If you are looking to redecorate your child’s bedroom, you can place these plants in your old kid’s toy truck. You can also place this plant in small utensils and place them in your kitchen. So, if you are looking to instantly add plants to your home interior décor, then the peperomia is a go-to choice.




Image source: Better homes and gardens


5.Dracena Warneckii


This home interior décor plant is one of the most unique looking plants that you can find. The specialty of draneca warneckii is that it can also grow in artificial light which makes it a best fit for home interiors. This plant looks like a small coconut tree, with thin leaves and a strong bark. Darecena warneckii is also known to purify the air surrounding it by removing harmful toxins. For a better look, you can place this plant at the entrance of your home or near the shoe-rack to create a strong first impression.


Dracena Warneckii


Image source: Indoor Gardening – My Aerogarden and Houseplant Blog



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