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6 Most Popular Eye Make-up Ideas for Fashion Styling

When it comes to fashion styling, make-up plays the most important role. Any makeup artist would stress on that fact that eye make-up can make or break your entire look. Eye make-up is the most difficult to apply but at the same time, also the most attractive. A perfect eye make-up look sets the entire mood for your fashion look. Be it for a casual evening, a wedding or a tacky birthday party, your eye make-up is what will make you fit into the vibe.


You don’t have to be a professional make-up artist to get your eye make-up right and get those big, glittery and beautiful looking eyelids. Over the past decade, fashion designers have constantly experimented with new eye make-up looks. There are some trends that faded away and some that will always stay. They smokey eye trend is one of the best examples to understand how some eye make-up looks will now always be a part of the fashion industry. People are now watching online video tutorials and trying to follow the steps to get similar looking eyes. But if you want to professionally learn how to get flawless eyes, you should sign up for some makeup courses.


Let us look at some of the eye make-up looks that have become very popular in recent times.


Popular Eye Makeup Styles


1.The Brown & Gold Eyeshadow Look


Golden eyes are a crowd favourite! Although a golden eye look is only done on any extreme festive occasion, you can also pull it off at any casual gathering. This fashion style requires the use of brown and golden eyeshadow and other eye makeup materials. You can use a thin brush to add the brown eye shadow first, and then a bigger size brush to fill up your eyelid using the golden eyeshadow. You can then slightly brush your eyelids with some mascara to get a makeup studio like finish!


golden eyeshadow


Image source: Pinterest


2.The Deep Blue Eyeshadow Look


Dark shades of colour like blue, purple and maroon are now very commonly used while creating a fashion style look. This is because these are the colours that make your eyes look bold and beautiful. This eyeshadow look generally is done by using a very pretty shade of blue along with some subtle white in the center. The deep blue eyeshadow look makes you look fresh and pretty. This eyeshadow look is best for afternoon lunches or casual gatherings. So, at your next lunch outing, make sure you try out this look and pair it up with a breezy dress to achieve the perfect fashion styling.



3.The Plum Smokey Eye Look


This is one of the heavy eyeshadow looks that is becoming very famous among the young crowd. The plum eyeshadow look is generally done using a purple shade of eyeshadow. Since this look is a little heavy and a lot of blending needs to be done to achieve it, you must use a primer before you actually start applying the eyeshadow. A mix of light purple and pink eyeshadow is generally used to get an extremely pretty colour. This fashion look can be flaunted at any event or party regardless what time of the day it is. You can use this eye look when you are wearing a complete white or complete black outfit to increase the beauty of it.


Plum Smokey Eye


Image source: Pinterest.



4.The Blue Winged Liner Look


In this fashion look, an electric blue colour eyeliner is used which makes you look extremely trendy. The blue winged eyeliner look can be flaunted on any occasion and also can be used on a daily basis. The blue eyeliner looks the best when paired with grey eyeshadow. A slight grey shade helps in enhancing your eyes and the blue winged eyeliner steals the show. It is not necessary to wear a blue-coloured outfit to pull of this look, it can be paired with any dress of your choice. You can then slightly brush your eyelids with some mascara to get a makeup studio like finish!


Blue Winged Liner Look


Image source: urban company



5.Simple Kohl-Lined Smokey Eye


This is another eye makeup style that can be used on a daily basis and is very easy to apply. This look is also used very regularly by Bollywood actresses and can be seen on screen very often. The kohl-lined smokey eye fashion look is a perfect fit for all the occasions. From festive occasions to daily work makeup, this look can be used everywhere. A metallic colour eyeshadow is used to get the perfect smokey eye look. With the right equipment this look can make your eyes look absolutely gorgeous.


6.Mermaid Eyeshadow


This look is one of the looks that is becoming increasingly popular among women these days. Truly inspired by the look of a mermaid, this look uses aqua blue and golden colour eyeshadow. This is an ideal summer eye makeup look that will make you look extremely pretty. You can also apply a winged style eyeliner over the coloured eyeshadows to make this fashion look complete.


Mermaid Eyeshadow look


Image source: YouTube


These are just a few of the most popular eyeshadow looks in today’s fashion world. When it comes to the field of makeup, there are a lot of styles and tricks that you can learn. Hunar Online Courses offers certified fashion styling courses. At Hunar Online, you will get access to detailed video lessons and can learn from anywhere. You will get 24/7 faculty support and a chance to learn from the experts of the industry.


So, what are you waiting for? Join Hunar Online Courses and start paving a new path to your career.



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