5 Types Of Threads Used In Garment Making

5 Types Of Threads Used In Garment Making

Are you using just one or two varieties of threads to stitch? Then it’s time to learn about types of stitching threads in garment making.

Knowing different types of threads will help you in garment creation. Each thread type has different properties. This can be smartly in stitching garments.

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Now, the garment creation process isn’t complete just with the skill in cutting designs and stitching garments. Anyone who considers fabric types seriously will know the thread types.

Here, we introduce you to the most popular types of threads used in garment making.

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Silk Thread

Silk threads are very apt for delicate fabrics as its smoothness helps to stitch easily. They are also strong. They can be used for shiny embroidery and hemstitching.

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Linen Thread

Linen is a good replacement for cotton. It’s environment-friendly and sturdy for practical scenarios. They are used to stitch garments, handkerchiefs covers and more.

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Nylon Thread

Nylon combines strength and flexibility. The nylon thread is good for light to medium weight synthetic fabrics that are smooth too.

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Soft Cotton Thread

Soft cotton is good for making sweaters, baby garments and soft and comfortable accessories. It’s a fine variety of low-weight yarn.

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Polyester Thread

Polyester is suitable for making knits and stretchable fabrics. The thread slides through fabrics smoothly and doesn’t break easily.

Now you know something about types of threads. Use it wisely and extend your knowledge for better garment creation.

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