3 Types of Western Clothes You Can Learn with Our Online Garment Making Course

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Western fashion is one of the most rapidly growing and changing industries, not just in India but also across the globe. There are new patterns and styles made by many designers that make new trends. Now, you can also make your designs trendy and become one of the best in the western fashion industry with our garment design course in western clothes.

Here is a list of 3 western clothes you will learn with our online garment making course,


Tops were just known for their simple designs, but today, that’s not the case anymore. Today, there are so many varieties they come in like crop-tops, sling tops, tunic tops and much more.

You can also learn to make different types of tops with Hunar Online’s western garment creation online course.

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Skirts are one of the top choices of women. They are available in different fabrics, patterns, cuts. Skirts also come in many different lengths such as short skirts, knee-length skirts, long skirts. Pairing the right footwear with skirts can fetch many compliments.

Learn all about making trendy skirts with our online garment making course from home.

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Dresses are becoming a top choice for professional women. They are stylish. Comfortable and perfect for all occasions. From casual outing to fancy parties, you will find a variety of dresses to fit in the situation.

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Learn more about dresses and western garment creation online with Hunar Online Courses. Also, get mentored by Bollywood celebrities and earn a professional certificate to start your own boutique. Enrol today!

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