3 Types of Ethnic Clothes You Can Make with Our Online Garment Making Course

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It is a known fact that Indian clothes and their designs serve as a base to many new trends. Also, not just in India but, traditional clothes are popular all over the world. You may think that all Indian clothes look similar but there are a lot of varieties which you can learn to design by enrolling in our garment creation course.

Here are 3 types of Indian clothes you can learn with our Indian garment course online:


Saree is that one outfit you can never go wrong with. There are so many different types of sarees crafted in various parts of India. Even the fabric used for each type of saree is different and has been ever-evolving.  

Learn more about creating different types of sarees with Hunar Online’s garment creation course.

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Women love to wear kurtis for all occasion. And because of so many variations like Angrakha kurti, Straight kurti, A-Line kurti, Flared kurti and many others, they have been become one of the most popular trends in women’s clothing.

You can also learn more about all these different kinds of kurtis with our online Garment Making course.

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There was a time when only one type of Salwar was available but today, there are so many types and varieties that it is confusing but women love that. From cigarette pants Salwars to dhoti Salwars, there are enough choices for every occasion.

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Now, you can also learn more about all these Indian clothes variations and much more. Earn a professional certificate after completing your course and get mentored by Bollywood celebrities.

So, what are you waiting for? Join our online Indian garment course today!

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