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3 Types of Cardigans to Style Yourself Differently

From children to adults, men and women – cardigans never go out of style for any of these people. There are many kinds of cardigans you can style yourself with depending upon your mood, weather or the occasion.

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Here are 3 cardigans you can learn to style yourself and others with our fashion styling classes this season,


Long Cardigans

These cardigans look classy and can be paired with all kinds of outfits. When you are going out on a chilly night and wearing jeans with a casual top, you can prepare yourself with a long cardigan for style and weather, both.

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Cardigan Vests

These are simple cardigans which even in this modern era, look classy. They have buttons in the front for closure and come in various designs depending upon your dress and your mood.

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Belted Cardigans

The latest and one of the best cardigans to style yourself with are belted cardigans. These are similar to cardigan vests but with a belt, instead of buttons. They look classy and look like an overcoat making them popular.

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