Hunar Success: Glimpses of Hunar’s Live Fashion Show- Wedding Dhoom!


Hunar Online Live Fashion Show- Wedding Dhoom was a huge Success. Hunar Platform hosted a grand Live Digital Fashion Show, where hundreds of participants got a chance to showcase their designs. A fashion platform who is empowering women with all the possible support to fulfil their dreams. On this show where our participants got to perform their art and also got the guidance of the judges. At the same time, our viewers not only got to know about the new and trendy fashion sense but also got a chance to win many exciting awards prizes.

In this blog, see how our team organised an amazing and huge fashion show. Let’s see the glimpse of Hunar Live Digital Fashion Show- Wedding Dhoom!

The Grand Fashion Show- WEDDING DHOOM

Hunar Online Course organised Live DIGITAL FASHION SHOW- WEDDING DHOOM and it went a grand victory. Our fashion show was streamed live on YouTube and our website. It was not just an ordinary fashion show but more grand than expected. Here everyone got something. Our participants got honoured with awards, vouchers, and certificates, as well as our viewers got a chance to buy those tremendous collections at an exciting discount. Over 200 Hunar students attended our live fashion show, Wedding Dhoom! Our students showcased 15 Wedding Inspire Collections on the ramp in front of Celebrity Chief Guest, Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Bollywood’s top fashion designer, Neeta Lulla!

Extraordinary Showcase by Ordinary Women

The participants in our fashion show were ordinary women consisting of homemakers, working people and students who were passionate about fashion and wanted to stand out as fashion designers. They all came from various cities to showcase fashion and jewellery design on this national platform. Approximately more than 200 women performed on this Live Digital Fashion Show. The fashion show featured designs of students walking on the ramp.

Honourable Jury and the Mentor, Neeta Lulla

Neeta Lulla is well known to everyone. A Top Most Dress and Fashion designer of Bollywood, needs no introduction. She is also a chief mentor of Hunar Online Courses for our online students. She has designed fashion for many big budget Bollywood films and from time to time she gives personal fashion guidance to the actors as well. She gave us her valuable time and shared her words with us. Neeta Lulla’s presence brings dynamic energy to the entire fashion show and gives guidance to all the participants at the Live Digital Fashion Show.

A Special Chief Guest-  Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa Shetty Kundra, the most talented actress, dancing queen of Bollywood and the legendary actress who inspired everyone with her fitness, also joined us. She was a chief guest at Hunar’s live digital fashion show. She gave us her valuable time and shared her experience as well, with us. Her arrival brought excitement to the entire fashion show and gave a new energy to the Live Fashion Show’s contestants. She not only appreciated Hunar’s show but also praised the online learning being run by Hunar Online Courses. Her call inspired our students to move forward. Shilpa greatly motivated the students and participants of Hunar Online Courses.


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