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Home interiors are the safe space where we can relax and refresh after a long exhausting day. We would like to come to a place that freshens your mood in an instant. And this is the major reason why interior designing is becoming so much popular lately. People, especially young adults, are investing a good amount of money to make their home a paradise. So, they only prefer the best indoor plants to make their place calm & serene.

What is interior designing? It is the art of crafting and curating the insides of the house to make it as comfortable as possible. The design should be pleasing and visually and physically appealing. You can place royal carpets in your living room, or decorate your living area with aesthetic wood furniture or stone finishes, or hang on some plants, or light up the hallway by placing some beautiful candles. There are many ways to decorate your home interiors. You can choose any style that you think goes best with your house.

Most recently, interior designers have brought up the concept of using plants for indoor decoration and it has blown people away. Everybody wants to install some plants in their house and give their space a gentle and calm aura. The reason why plants are loved so much is because they are natural purifiers and give you fresh oxygen. It provides a sense of being close to nature. Plants also have several health benefits like it can help you keep your blood pressure levels in control, it can help energise your mind which in turn keeps you focused and it even helps you sleep well, which can reduce stress naturally.

What are the Best Indoor Plants to decorate interiors?

People love the idea of decorating their homes with plants but they are often confused when it comes to choosing the right kind of plants. There are a variety of plants and not each one of them is best suited for interior designing. Some may need extra care; some may not grow well indoors and so on. So, here is the list of best plants for your home that are always suggested by the interior designers:

1. Snake Plant

Don’t let the name fool or scare you. Snake plants are one of the best preferences of the interior designers and among the list of best indoor plants. The upright leaves and irregular green banding makes the plant look like a snakeskin through which it has gotten its name. This plant is very common among the beginners because it is a low maintenance plant. It can easily survive for days without proper watering and continue to grow in dim light too. According to various researches, snake plants have been shown to filter out the toxic chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, xylene and toluene from the air and provide you a fresh gasp of breath.

snake plant

Image Source- HGTV

2. Monstera Deliciosa

These are one of the trendiest plants that everybody likes to keep in their homes because of their eye-catching look. During the warmer seasons, you can expect to see a new leaf every week. It is also one of the best plants for the beginners because it can be watered every once or twice a week. You don’t need to find a place that receives perfect sunlight, it can be placed in the areas that receive less or indirect sunlight. These plants also help in reducing the pollutants from the air and purify them naturally.

3. Dracaena

If you are living a very busy life and at the same time love to have plants around you then dracaena is the best option for you. It is an easy going and low maintenance plant. These plants can easily adapt to different environments and don’t require direct sunlight. They can deal with indoor temperatures and different seasons very easily and hence are the ideal and best indoor plants.


Image Source- The Spruce

4. ZZ Plant

If your house doesn’t receive an adequate amount of sunlight but you want to keep planters in your house then go for ZZ plants. These are also some of the best indoor plants are incredible and can be maintained easily. They can survive for days without water. The thick potato-like stems store enough water that helps it survive for many days without proper watering. Watering it once during its growing season is more than enough and will keep it from being dormant. If you are someone who stays outdoors for a long time and travels frequently then these plants are best for you.

5. Spider Plant

If you want to give an exotic and jungle vibe to your home then nothing can beat the beauty of a spider plant. These plants don’t need direct sunlight but they must be placed in a bright place. They are perfect for rooms that have big windows. It is a natural air purifier and can also be placed in your bedroom. You can gift it to your friends as they can be a nice housewarming gift.    

 spider plant

Image Source- Logee’s Greenhouses

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