Are you searching for an Online Fashion Designing Course with Certificate in India? Your wait is finished! Now, your search will end here on this blog because Hunar Online Courses offer fashion designing courses with your home comfort. Learn creating and designing fashion with the certification of Government of India and signed herself by Bollywood’s Top fashion and dress designer Neeta Lulla. Also, get a chance to showcase your skills and talents at National Platform with Hunar Online Live Fashion Show. Crazy about fashion designing and illustration? Read this blog below to know more about fashion, dress and style design learning with Hunar Online Courses.


Hunar Online Course Platform provides a detailed course for fashion or dress designing courses. Here you can learn different types of courses as per your choices. Learn Bollywood Style fashion garments with our fashion designing classes. It consists of Indian festive wear, Saree Blouse Making, Casual wear, baby wear, kids wear etc. This Online Fashion Designing Course with Certificate in India includes fashion styling studies regarding trendy fashion and creating looks. This course is related to Wedding wear, women clothing, Indo western clothing and creating fashion styles with digital illustration. If you want to establish your own fashion studio, then this course will help you to learn management and startups skills. In this fashion designing classes, our experts will guide you about various stitching like, patchwork, hand stitching, crochet, quilting etc. This Online Fashion Designing Course with Certificate in India contains five different sections. Let’s know about all these in detail –

  • Garment Making Course

Our Garment Making Course is the foundation of the fashion designing courses. Here, you will learn how to cut, design and sew fabrics to create beautiful and trendy clothing. It includes all kinds of designs from formal wear, men’s casual wear to make different garments for men, saree blouses to make unique and stylish saree blouses, Indian dresses to make beautiful ethnic wear, western wear. Modern baby clothes make cute baby clothes, kids’ clothes to design stylish clothes for kids.

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  • Fashion Styling Course

Fashion Styling Course in Online Fashion Designing Course with Certificate in India, is one of the creative fashion courses. With this course, you can now learn Fashion Styling along with Fashion Designing. It is not just about makeup and beauty but also so much about hair styling, styling looks, getting ready for several occasions and so more. The point of Fashion Styling is to become a fashionista by learning about styling in general, including clothes, and colour combinations and colour coordination.

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  • Fashion Illustration Course

The Fashion Illustration course teaches all kinds of fashion design sketches, as well as computer and digital illustration for designing clothes digitally using Auto-CAD. Understanding body proportions. To start drawing fashion, you need to understand body anatomy. Defines the pose of the character. Once the body proportions are clear, practice sketching different poses. Discover and find your style.

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  • Embroidery Course

With our Embroidery Course in Online Fashion Designing Course with Certificate in India, learn how to create different types of motifs using different techniques from the comfort of your own home. Our online embroidery courses include Indian stitches that teach traditional embroidery styles, patchwork stitches to add appliqués and patchwork to clothing, western stitches to add unique embroidery to home décor, smocking and stitching on desired materials. Includes courses such as ribbon stitch, crochet stitch, and more. Create unique clothing and home accessories, or hand quilt to create beautiful items for clothing and décor in Hunar Online Fashion Designing Course with Certificate in India

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  • Boutique Management Course

Boutique Management Course will be the last course but it is the first step ahead of your career. A successful business plan can make your dream of owning your own business come true. Our boutique management courses allow you to learn how to keep up with product development, sourcing, trading, new trends, advertising, trade shows and more from the comfort of your own home.

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Apart from the above, you can create your golden future with an Online Fashion Designing Course with Certificate in India. Hunar Online Course offering courses in Fashion Designing. We are always ready to welcome you to our platform. Learn in your language. Now that you know how to learn about the latest fashion saree at home, draw all your creativity together and colour them on the pages of your wardrobe.


At Hunar Online, you will get access to detailed video lessons and can learn from anywhere. You will get 24/7 faculty support and a chance to learn from the experts in the industry. Also, watch our trial classes and get a glimpse of our courses. You can start learning your favourite course by downloading the app. So, what are you waiting for? Join Hunar Online Classes and do what you always wanted to do.

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