Festive Saree Blouse Designs to Try for the Next Occasion

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What type of blouse will go with my outfit? Have you ever been in a similar type of dilemma and were unable to come up with a proper answer? With our fashion designing courses, you sure can come to a fulfilling conclusion and become a well-established fashion designer.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started with saree blouse designing –

1. Mirror Work Blouse

Mirror works not only up scales the blouse but almost every outfit that it is incorporated in. If you can’t find a fabric with mirror works on it, you can design it yourself as well. Mirror work laces are easily available in any bangle shop. You can purchase it and then unleash your talent as a fashion designer and experiment on any blouse of your choice. Your creativity in blouse designing is sure to make everyone’s eyes turn on a festive occasion.

mirror work saree blouse

Image Source- zatki

2. Plain Saree with Collared Neck Blouse

With all the hustle-bustle at a party, simplicity can leave a huge impression on the onlookers. Plain saree can be paired up with various collar neck styles and ideas. It can be paired up with a velvet embellished blouse or silk blouse or even better, with a printed blouse. If you haven’t yet tried these saree-blouse fashion designing combinations, you sure are missing a lot!

3- Angrakha Style Blouse

Angrakha style is a wrap type design top that has an asymmetric opening, knotted either by loops or thread ties. This style is so stylish that it can turn the traditional, simple look into an upright festive one in just a snap. It is comfortable, graceful and a perfect choice for any fashion designer in the modern times.

4- Long Sleeve Saree Blouse

The classic appeal of this design is what makes it so special. When the classic appeal is taken into the light, avoidance of heavy jewellery should also be considered. This type of fashion design is still in the process of making a comeback but it appears to be quite promising.

5- Elbow Length Sleeve Blouse

It is quite popular in the present times. Three quarter sleeve blouse design is also slowly and steadily making its place in the fashion world. You can opt for beaded details to give the blouse a more ethereal look. Ruffle sleeves are a must-try. Dual puff sleeves are also in the latest trend. The addition of laces and collars can add more charm to your overall look.

6- Two-Toned Nawabi Blouse

Some things will never go out of fashion. This is one of those blouse styles. It is not for someone who wants a deep cut back. However, window-back can be incorporated here. This design can give you that Nawabi grace and finery that every woman dreams of.

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7- Boat Necks

Boat necks are in high trend. Similar to the above mentioned design idea, window back can also be done in this type of design. These blouses, however, are not low-cut either in the front or at the back. You can experiment by having embroidery only on the sleeves and not on the bodice. Trying something different for a different occasion sounds like a good idea.

8. One Side Work Blouse

The embroidery here is mainly on one side of the blouse and the other is left plain. If you pair this type of blouse design with a plain saree, you can add an extra oomph to your saree style. Often the pallu hides one side of the embroidered saree and so trying this design is not only practical but also an economical way to help reduce your blouse cost. Another benefit while opting for this type of design is that it can go well with any type of saree, be it cotton, silk or likewise. If you haven’t yet tried it, what are you waiting for?

9. Embroidered Georgette Blouse

One of the most loved styles, it works best with flowy georgette sarees and similar materials. It is a huge success with the younger generation such as school and college going girls or ladies in their 20s. This design is also a favourite of the fashion divas. The only disadvantage is that you cannot pair it with Silk sarees.

10. Classic Stringed and Embroidered Blouse

This design is common with most bridal sarees such as heavy Banarasi Silk Sarees. So if you are a bride-to-be, this might just be the right stop for you. The classic vibe of this blouse will add more charm to your bridal getup. You can work this style to perfection in numerous ways and can even go with heavy Mysore or Bengaluru Silks.

embroidered saree blouse

Image Source- K4 Fashion

The above-mentioned ideas can help you get a fashionable festive look but with our online courses, you can explore your talents and channelise them in a much beneficial way. With our fashion designing courses, you can be someone important for more than a day.

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