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Bridal jewellery design is not about the perfect composition, correct lighting or elegant backgrounds but marriage is all about celebrating the love that outgrows, preserving the eternal affection and revisiting festivity, enthusiasm and joy.

When everything around you is changing so fast don’t forget to pause & hold the moments that warm your heart & pink your cheeks.

Choosing your jewellery design is no different than choosing your outfit. Most important is to choose something within your comfort zone and your personal fashion style. However, it never hurts to get out of my comfort zone on some occasions.

What’s more important is that your bridal jewellery design matches up with your outfit and adds the finishing touches to your total look.

Steps To Choose Bridal Jewellery Design

1. Know the purpose you want the jewellery to serve. Do you want it front and centre stage or do you want it to compliment or do you want it subtle?

2. Make certain your jewellery design is apt for the occasion or the event you’ll be wearing it to. A sexy oversized choker might be perfect for a party night but may not be fitting for festive occasions.

3. Determine how often you plan to wear the jewellery.

4. Know about your requirements and your budget.

5. Try on the jewellery and look into the mirror to determine whether the jewellery design suits you or not.

bridal gold jewellery

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• Sometimes, you have a favourite designer and you tend to stick with just that one. There’s absolutely no need to stick to just one designer and also there’s no need for the pieces to actually be designer. There are plenty of wonderful pieces available in the market that are not designer but certainly are worthy to be bought.

• Costume Jewellery is an affordable way to complete your look as it can be bought for a low price and has plenty of life.

What’s great with costume jewellery is you can use it for as long as possible. However, if you get tired of it after a while you can just put it away and it still has good value for your money.

• Designer pieces tend to be a bit costly but they enjoy a longer life. They are made following more traditional lines than the other jewellery pieces and so you can wear them for more than two or three seasons.

• Sterling Silver is affordable and is acceptable for any event or occasion. You can also purchase some silver plate pieces if you want to go for something less expensive than sterling. Silver can be dressed up or down and is a must-have for any wardrobe! With silver, you can go large and noticeable.

• Gold is perfect for a classy look but is an expensive metal. However, gold plated jewellery is quite affordable and it will give you a good value for the cost. Gold can be dressed up or dressed down as well.

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• Rings are available in all sorts, from large and overwhelming to dainty and feminine. The length and size of your fingers play an important role in determining what ring will look good on them. For example, huge oversized rings don’t look good on the long skinny fingers of the male but it looks exquisite on the fingers of a female. Also whether you have long nails or short nails make a difference. Play and see what suits you the best as rings are also part of your total statement. Lastly, determine where you will be wearing these rings. For example, it is better not to wear any rings that have sharp edges while working around fine fabrics.

• Mangalsutra refers to the “auspicious holy thread” which the groom ties around the bride’s neck on the occasion of their marriage. It is the most precious piece of jewellery for any Indian bride. Women wear mangalsutra not only to denote their marital status but also for their husband’s long life.

You can choose a mangalsutra in gold with white, red or black beads or in a diamond.

• Over the years, kangan designs have evolved quite a bit and today, we have kangans made of alloys, glass, lac, precious metals and so on. In the Hindu culture, kangans hold an important part for the bride. The variety is large such as brass gold plated, acrylic chudas, single dori, etc.

• When purchasing necklaces, especially when purchasing online, be certain you know your neck size so that you get a good fit. For this, you can measure the length of some of your favourite necklaces that you already own and get a good indication of what length you should prefer.

 • When choosing coloured necklaces, make sure to pick a colour that complements not only your outfit but also your skin tone.

• The availability of sizes and shapes are endless when you are purchasing bracelets. Here, you’ll need to decide where you’re going to wear them and how noticeable you want them to be. Also, make certain to measure your wrist before getting a bracelet. Too large a bracelet may slide off and too small may constrict your wrist movement.

• Your hands are your expressive area. So, don’t forget to wear a dainty bracelet with your watch.

• Earrings are made from a variety of materials and the styles are endless. When purchasing earrings, realize that the size of the earrings is very important to the statement you’re making. The larger the earrings, the more noticeable they become. However, large earrings aren’t for everyone. You should choose what looks best on you depending on your face shape and size.

• Another thing to remember while purchasing earrings is to pick something that is in contrast to the shape of your face. For example, if you have a round face and wear flat earrings, your total look will elevate.

People sometimes decide to wear jewellery with the meaning behind it as it is a lovely way to show their history or beliefs. No matter what your tastes, likes or dislikes are, you’ll be able to complete your look just the way you want it with endless choices of bridal jewellery designs and with little effort. So be sure to make your fashion statement count!

bridal jewellery

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