Fashion! A name that brings to mind the latest bias, clothes and makeup trends and latest designs. Fabric Pattern Design is that part of fashion designing which creates different styles and icons to the fabrics. Fashion is related to our clothes and our looks. The difference is then how we adopt it. In this sequence, today we will talk about the different patterns of design on the fabric. Patterns can be made in different ways in fabric designing, such as painting the fabric, printing or machine and hand stitching. Do you know how many types of patterns can be designed with one fabric? Similarly, there is some new and unique information that we are going to tell you. Stay tuned with this blog to know more about the different forms and types of fabric design patterns.

Let’s start with the design pattern. Know about 20 different types of fabric pattern designs and start your sewing – embroidery with it. Create new patterns and give a new face to your Indian wear. Let’s have a look –


Animal print is a style of clothing or fashion in which the clothing resembles patterns on the skin, fur, feathers, or scales of animals such as leopard, lion etc.

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Brocade is an intricate design pattern, which is printed like woven techniques. It can be the best apparel for winter wear.

Source: Her Zindagi


Most popular fabric pattern design which anyone can recognize easily. Comes with multiple patterns in western and Indian wear as well.

Source: Pinkvilla


One of the most loved fabric pattern design styles. Women love to wear this fabric pattern style in saree or any other Indian wear.

Source: Saree Blouse Patterns


Basket weave design pattern looks like a combination of leaves and flowers. Generally, it comes with an arrow with a braid shape.

Source: Design Pool


Damask is made by weaving reversible design patterns on silk, wool, linen, synthetic or cotton fabric. With multiple threading this pattern is thick and heavy.

Source: Jane Clayton


Chevron is a zig-zag or inverted V shape fabric design pattern, shown on silk, Banarasi, georgette fabrics.

Source: Pinterest


A pinprick that creates a pattern resembling flames. It is known as a retro style fabric pattern design that weaves by back stitching.

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This type of fabric design is associated with regular shapes and size, like in geometry, as square, rectangles, oval, circle etc.

Source: Parametric House


A Harlequin print is a repeating pattern of contrasting diamonds or elongated vertical squares. It is also the name of the colour between green and chartreuse.

Source: Artichoke Collection


A type of large broken check pattern with pointed shapes rather than squares. Traditionally, the layout of the chain is designed to alternate between four dark white threads.

Source: Carousell


It is a dyeing technique used to create distinctive styles of textile patterns. Ikat is made by dyeing some threads before weaving the fabric.

Source: Pinterest


Jacquards are available in a wide range of patterns, from dramatic ornate brocades to patterned, striped, V-shaped or geometric.

Source: iStock


The most popular retro design style, embedded with two colours. One is for base and another one presents dots.

Source: India Today


Strips are the fabric design or a pattern is woven during the weaving process.

Source: Bollywood Life


Weaving in linen cotton fabric which can be seen as block and multi tonal printing designs.

Source: Pinterest


Chintz is a medium weight, plain woven cotton fabric with a polished or glazed finish, referred to as polished cotton.

Source: Pinterest


This type of fabric pattern design comes with small motifs patterns.

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As its name says, it originated in Greek and it is a common motif design in textile printing.

Source: Pinterest


Because of its name similar to herring fish, it is called herringbone. It is a dual type of fabric pattern.

Source: Pinterest

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