Winter Fashion Outfits Every Woman Must Have in Her Wardrobe

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Winter is one of the most loved seasons. The season of cosy and warm sweaters where you can snuggle inside your blanket wearing soft warm socks and sipping on yummy hot chocolate. However, this season is not a favourite one for many fashion lovers. The layers of sweaters and jackets stop them Fashion Styling and flaunting their style as they do during the warmer seasons.

Worry no more! We have great winter fashion ideas where you can flaunt your fashion styling knowledge without catching cold. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

1. Fashion Styling with Coats/ Trench Coats/Shrugs

There are basically three types of coats that should be in everyone’s wardrobe. These are :

 a) Wool coats:- These are going to be beautiful, more of classic coats. These, however, will not be as warm as the Parka.

b) Puffer coats:- These are quite functional and warm but they are very casual and a little harder to dress up.

c) Parka:- It is probably the least attractive of the three but it is also the warmest coat that you can get. It’s meant for very cold winters and you can even opt for parka coats with fur.

If you live in slightly colder regions, I suggest you pick up slightly woollen, thicker fabrics but if you belong to lesser colder places, you can always go for something like a trench coat. One thing that you should make sure while looking for a good trench coat is that it fits perfectly over your body; it should not be too loose or too tight. If you don’t experience winter at all, you can pick up a long shrug.

However, I do suggest that you should go with a neutral colour so that you can have it over any of your outfits. Neutral colours tend to go with everything. This particular category includes colours such as black, beige, camel and brown. This makes it more versatile to pair up with anything and everything.

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2. Fashion Styling with Leather Jackets

It’s really difficult to keep leather jackets intact. The material does show signs of wear and tear after a while. However, leather jackets or leather puffer jackets are always a good recommendation and cannot be kept at bay during the winters. These keep you warm by providing an extra layer over any of the outfits, in the colder places. In lesser colder regions, you can wear them casually without any inner protection.

leather jacket for women

Image Source- Become Chic

3. Fashion Styling with Sweaters

Everyone does have a sweater in their winter wardrobe. You must keep the sweaters mix-up neutral as well as have some fun colours to add just a little pop-up of colours to your winter outfits.

You should also try to make sure that there is a band type detail on the collar of the sweater. Plain sweaters having such kind of band details on the collar looks interesting as opposed to a plain collar. A plain sweater that has folded details with a button on its sleeves, makes it look mesmerizing. White oversized sweaters and cable knit sweaters look very attractive and are an interesting choice.

When talking about sweaters, you should not restrict yourself only to the women’s section but go unisex. The only thing that matters is what looks good on you.

sweaters for women

Image Source- Times of India

4. Fashion Styling with Oversized Hoodies

Of late, there’s been a rise in trend for oversized outfits, be it oversized coats or hoodies. These again come in a lot of varieties. If you are home, you can wear it with joggers and while you are outside, you can have it with sneakers and denim. The only thing oversized hoodies don’t pair up with is trousers. You can also use the hoodie to protect you from dew or rain. While opting for a hoodie, you should look for one that can easily slip upon any sweater or sweatshirt.

5. Fashion Styling with Cardigans

Of late, cardigans are a huge trend. Whether it is an oversized cardigan or a short one, we see them everywhere. You should definitely go for these. Depending on your body type, you have different options available. The first would be a big chunky cardigan that is long in size. You can wear it open or try it by spreading it around your shoulders. If you are on the shorter side, you can try a short cardigan that ends on the waist.

6. Fashion Styling with Skinny Fit Pants or Leggings

This can be of any fabric that you find the most comfortable. The leggings can be paired up with boots and overcoats. In any case, it will make you look really smart. In fact, if you live in less colder regions, leggings would be perfect for you. Otherwise, skinny denim is also something that can be recommended. Skinny denim balances by giving you a body fit at the bottom and you can add layers as much as you want on top.

7. Fashion Styling with Stockings

These can be paired up with skirts, especially during the winters. Stockings are a must for your wardrobe, be it winter or summer. You can pair these with dresses, have them under shorts or just wear them under jeans to keep yourself warm.

8. Fashion Styling with Plaid Skirts

You can go for any type of check skirt, with bigger, medium or even small checks. These again can be used with anything. With a trench coat on top, it will give you a European look. You can pair a knee-length skirt with stockings and not worry about the cold at all. There are numerous fashionable ways to wear a skirt during the winters. You can also pair skirts with thigh-high boots and not wear stockings at all.

9. Fashion Styling with Turtle Necks/ Mock Necks

These are extremely important for winters. In colder places, you can wear turtle necks under jackets, trench coats, etc. For slightly lesser colder regions, you can just wear these without any inner clothing. The best way to style a turtleneck is with coats, some jewels and boots. To elevate your fashion game, you can also wear the turtle neck as a blouse for your saree.

 If you find turtlenecks a little suffocating, you can also try mock necks which have high necks but they don’t go all the way up. The mock neck doesn’t stick to the throat and it is quite loose. This makes it more airy and breathable.

10. Fashion Styling with Long Sleeved Ribbed Tops

These are thicker and provide you with more warmth than your regular tops. If you want to avoid wearing a lot of clothes, you can replace the layering with long sleeve ribbed tops. Something like this will give you that extra warm protection and not make you seem or feel bulky at all.

11. Fashion Styling with Kurtis

Kurtis can very well serve as your winter wear too. You can layer them with short denim or a jacket and pair these with denim beneath for a more trendy look. You can also pair your full-length Kurti with a pleated kimono. Being appropriate for the winters, it is also something that is very fashionable indeed.

12. Fashion Styling with Shawls

A shawl not only looks splendid with ethnic clothing, such as a saree or salwar suit but they can be wrapped around regardless of the attire. It can go with almost any outfit, such as jeans, Kurtis, leggings, etc. Woven Kashmiri shawls, pashmina, etc not only look wonderful but are also quite capable of keeping you warm and cosy. Their texture, embroideries or fabrics are of really high quality.


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13. Fashion Styling with Mufflers/ Ajrak Stoles

Muffler is something that is quite underrated as a winter essential or a winter fashionable wear. Mufflers are sure to add variety and elegance to your outfits. There are more fashionable ways to wear a muffler. You can wrap these closely around your neck or knot these once at the chest.

Infinity mufflers come in circles, so you can just wrap them around the neck.

These are sure to make you feel warm and comfortable.

Ajrakh stoles are also something that can be opted for. These give a pretty and classy look. Ajrakh stoles are handmade and these can even go with western outfits

14. Fashion Styling with Headgears

You can go for beanies, fedora hats or berets whichever you find suitable.

 a) Beanies:- Beanies are small round tight-fitting skullcaps. These will give you a casual look and you can wear these on all occasions, especially when chilling around with friends.

b) Fedora Hats:- These come with a wide brim. You must have seen a lot of characters from your favourite television shows wear these. It looks quite stylish and can be worn with trench coats. These are sure to give you a vintage look.

c) Berets:- You can wear berets with skirts, stockings, turtle necks, etc. Berets are actually soft, round, flat-crowned caps.

15. Fashion Styling with Ear warmers

These keep your ears and head warm without messing up with your hair. Ear warmers are something that can be opted for in place of hats.

16. Fashion Styling with Mittens

It is a bit harder to handle things with mittens on but these keep your hands much warmer than gloves. While buying mittens, you should go for something that is well-knitted and is lined. This is a much better option than having a singular knit layer. If you live in colder regions, you should probably opt for mittens made out of leather or waterproof.

17. Fashion Styling with Boots

Winters are incomplete without boots! Right? Having thigh-high boots or knee-length boots will help you keep your feet warm if you belong from the colder regions but if you live in slightly moderate places, you can also go with ankle-length boots.

Lace-up boots are also an option and they look super cool. These have heels but are still very comfortable because the heels are block-shaped. You can literally wear them all day long.

You also have the options of combat boots and Chelsea boots. The difference between the two is that combat boots come with laces whereas Chelsea boots are without laces.

A black boot is normally suggested. However, to add a little variety, you can also opt for white or beige coloured boots.

18. Fashion Styling with Leather bags

To keep your items safe during sudden winter rains, a good quality leather bag becomes quite essential. These are more durable, easy to clean and sturdy. To accommodate an extra sweater for that chilly winter evening, you can opt for an oversized leather bag.

leather bags

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