White Metal Jewellery Pieces Every Bride Must Try

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White plate is the silver colour, which we often see on costume jewellery. These components are generally grayer, but also more durable, than silver-plated components. They generally do not tarnish. The plating is typically an imitation rhodium made of copper, tin, zinc or nickel.

Indian brides always adorn yellow gold jewellery but their preferences in bridal jewellery has seen a shift! Women, these days, are opting for white metal and diamond ornaments for their big day. Jewellery making classes for beginners help you in learning the right techniques to identify and craft white metal pieces with perfection. Here are some of the pieces every bride can consider:


A necklace is an article of jewellery that is worn around the neck. These come in a lot of styles and are made from different alloys. White metal necklaces have become a choice of many for special occasions. Through Jewellery making training these can be made with intricate designs or can be studded with precious metals.


An earring is a piece of jewellery that women adorn for all occasions. From a simple stud to hoops to jhumkas, there’s a lot to choose from. White metal earrings come in a variety of beautiful designs and are lightweight. You can learn the art of making these through online Jewellery making classes.


Bangles are traditionally rigid bracelets originating in the Indian subcontinent. These are usually made of metal, wood, glass, shellac or even plastic. Women are now opting for white metal bangles to get an elegant and classy look at their wedding. Experts at Jewellery making courses teach how these can be embedded with diamonds or any other precious stone.

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