What You Can Learn by Joining Our Fashion Designing Courses

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Fashion Designing is a vast area to grasp but we have made it easy with our multiple courses depending on what you are interested to learn. You can learn embroidery, garment making, fashion illustration, fashion styling, fabric designing and more.

All you have to do is choose your favourite fashion designing course and start learning with expert faculty from home.

Here are 3 basic online fashion design courses you must know to become a fashion designer,


Garment Making

Our garment making courses will help you learn cutting, stitching and drafting of many types of garments such as Indian clothes, Indo-western outfits, festive wear, baby & kids’ clothes and so much more from home.

So, join our garment making online classes and start building your skills and make stylish clothes for yourself and others.

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Fashion Illustration

Our fashion illustration course will help you design clothes which you see in movies and fashion shows. Our mentors will guide you to draw wedding wear, women’s clothes, Indo-western clothes. You can also learn to design fashion on a computer using software.

With our fashion designing classes, you can learn to design your creativity on paper and then see it come to life.

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Fabric Designing

Patterns on fabric have become a trend lately and people love to wear garments which have some unique patterns on them. It’s not just about clothes, even home décor items such as cushions, holders and other things are also in-demand if they have some prints on them.

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You can begin your career in fashion designing while staying safe at home and still following your passion with certification and mentoring by Neeta Lulla.

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