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Ladies, now tighten your seatbelt and get ready for our upcoming Live Digital Fashion Show- Wedding Dhoom. Our first fashion show was a hit and your love & support has encouraged us to bring the next Live Digital Fashion Show. This fashion show is open for all fashion lovers and anyone can participate in our Live Digital Fashion Show.

As the theme for the last fashion show was “Filmy Fashion” where the participants have to submit the styles inspired by the hit Bollywood movies, the theme for this fashion show is “Wedding Dhoom”. This time the participants will create designs inspired by the various functions in Indian weddings like Sangeet, Haldi and Reception.

Glimpses of our First Live Digital Fashion Show- Filmy Fashion!

Our first Live Digital Fashion Show was a hit and everyone loved it. The theme of the show revolved around the fashion ideas inspired by the hit Bollywood movies like Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Ram-Leela, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Veere Di Wedding and many other super hits. Ordinary women with extraordinary talent displayed their skills on a national platform in front of thousands of viewers and the top celebrity designer of Bollywood, Neeta Lulla. Now let’s take a walk down the lane of our first-ever Live Digital Fashion Show- Filmy Fashion!

1.100+ Women from 100+ Cities

The participants of our fashion show were ordinary women consisting of homemakers, working professionals and students who were passionate about fashion and wanted to make an identity for themselves as fashion designers. These women came from 100 different Indian cities to showcase their designs of fashion and jewellery on a national platform.

2.Review by Neeta Lulla

The judge of this fashion show was the top Bollywood celebrity designer, Neeta Lulla. Have you watched these blockbuster movies like Devdas, Jodha Akbar, Manikarnika, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. The costumes in these movies are amazing, aren’t they? They were designed by our Chief Judge, Neeta Lulla. She reviewed the designs of each student herself and gave them personal feedback and styling tips.

neeta lulla

Image Source- twitter

3.Models Walking the Ramp

The fashion show displayed the designs of our students walking the ramp. Isn’t it the dream of every fashion designer to watch their designs on a ramp being displayed in front of thousands of viewers and prominent judges? This fashion show gave such a platform to aspiring designers and made their dreams come true.

indian fashion show

Image Source- The Sunday Guardian

4.Votes & Awards

The best collection from the show won different awards. The awards were decided on the basis of the votes of the audience. Votes decided the participants of the Live Digital Fashion Show and the votes decided the winners too. The prizes and awards for the different categories were given by our celebrity chief judge, Neeta Lulla.

The love and support of our students and people from all across the country helped us pull off this event successfully. The zeal and enthusiasm of our students and our audience compelled us to come with the second season of our Live Digital Fashion Show. The theme of this fashion show is “Wedding Dhoom” as it revolves around weddings.

What is the vision of our Live Digital Fashion Show?

Hunar Online will be presenting its next Live Digital Fashion Show- Wedding Dhoom in the first week of December. The participants will be from all across the country and our main aim is to provide them with the exposure and opportunity they have never received before. India is a country where the majority of Indian women are literate but not employed. These women are the ones who want to do something for themselves and create their own identity. Due to the scarcity of resources and limited job opportunities they couldn’t do many things. Therefore, Hunar Online came up with online fashion shows, where these ordinary women can showcase their extraordinary skills.

Hunar Online has been working consistently for the betterment and empowerment of these women who have hidden potential within them and who have the zeal to stand on their own feet and become financially independent. The main vision of Hunar Online is to empower women and they are providing these women with a major opportunity through this Live Digital Fashion Show.

Wedding Dhoom! Our Next Live Digital Fashion Show

As Hunar Online is women-centric and it aims to empower the women of India who want to become financially independent, we all know that Indian women love two things- Fashion and Wedding. Therefore, we came up with the theme “Wedding Dhoom” for our second Live Digital Fashion Show. For this event, the participants have to create wedding-inspired garments, jewellery, bags and home decor items. This is the best way for the participants to display their love for fashion and weddings together on the same stage.

As this online fashion show will be conducted on a national level, the participants will get a chance to compete with women from all across the country. They will also get to showcase their fashion designing skills on a national platform, which will be reviewed by the top celebrity designer of Bollywood, Neeta Lulla.

Let’s have a look at why you should be a part of this Online Fashion Show?

Isn’t it the dream of every fashion designer, to see their designs being displayed on the ramp? Well, this fashion show will provide you with not only this opportunity but several other opportunities as well. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

1.Display Your Designs on Ramp

See your dreams come to life. By being a part of our Live Digital Fashion Show, you will get a chance to see your designs walk on the ramp. You can see your designs on the models walking the ramp.

models on ramp

Image Source- India West

2.Celebrity Judge

Your designs will be directly reviewed by the top Bollywood designer, Neeta Lulla. She is a 4-time national award-winning fashion designer who has created costumes for blockbuster movies like Devdas, Bajirao Mastani, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Manikarnika, Jodha Akbar and much more. She will be among the jury members among other prominent judges.

3.You Can Create Anything

From garments to jewellery or bags to home decor items you can create anything that is inspired by Indian weddings. It depends on what you would love to create. You can take inspiration from other sources but your creation should be original. If you want to create a garment, then you can submit one in its original form or an illustration of it. The same goes for the jewellery as well.

4.Participants from All Across the Country

For this online fashion show, there will be participants from all across the country who will compete with you in the Live Digital Fashion Show. You can get inspired by your fellow fashion designers and learn from them as well.

How Can You Be a Part of this Fashion Show?

If you are a woman who has amazing creativity skills and loves fashion designing then this fashion show is just for you. Participating in this Online Fashion Show is not rocket science. You can be a part of it by keeping these few points in your mind.

1.Submit a Styled Look- This is the first step. You have to create a styled look with the help of fashion designing or jewellery designing. You can also create a unique look with the help of an illustration of either fashion design or jewellery design. There are various options available for you in fashion designing like Garment Making, where you can make Indian and Western Garments. Then there is Embroidery, with the help of which you can make unique embroidery patterns on clothes and also decorate many home décor items. With the help of Fabric Designing, you can create unique patterns and designs on fabrics by painting, printing or tie and dye technique. There is another option for you known as Boutique Management, with the help of which you can start your own boutique and learn to run and manage it. If you are interested in Jewellery Designing, then you have many options here too. You can make jewellery with the help of Beads & Wire and Thread & Clay or design unique jewellery using traditional gold and rose gold & diamond jewellery techniques. If you don’t want to create outfits or design jewellery then you can make an illustration of them and submit it to us to take part in this fashion show. You can also create wedding-inspired designer bags and home decor items.

2.Wedding-Inspired Designs- As this fashion show is going to be a glamorous event on a national level, your designs must also be glamorous. And to get a glamorous design, what could be a better inspiration than a wedding? Your designs, be it an outfit or jewellery, bags or home décor items, must be wedding-inspired. If you submit the designs based on your ideas then you would not be accepted to take part in this fashion show.

wedding function

Image Source- Pinterest

3.Original Designs Only- The originality of your designs will decide whether you will take part in our digital fashion show or not. The idea of your design must be totally authentic and real, coming straight out of your mind. If your designs are found to be picked from any online resources then you will be immediately rejected from the fashion show. So, if you really want to participate in this fashion show make sure that your designs are original and not taken from anywhere else.

4.Only Students Can Participate- Only the Students of Hunar Online Courses can participate in our fashion show. So, if you want to take part in this online fashion show then enrol in our courses, submit the designs created by you in fashion and jewellery or simply submit their illustrations, which you want to showcase in the fashion show.

5.Non-students Will Also Be Awarded- If you are not a student of Hunar Online Courses but loves fashion designing and want to take part in this fashion show, then you can submit your designs too. Your design must be original and must be created in fashion or jewellery or illustration of any one of them and it should be inspired by any wedding ceremony like Haldi, Sangeet or Reception. The most voted design of non-student will be awarded in the fashion show. 

6.Most Voted Designers Will Participate in the WEDDING DHOOM- Doesn’t this sound exciting? To be a participant of Wedding Dhoom along with other designers from all over the country can be a dream come true for every budding fashion designer. You will be among the top designers on a national level and on one of India’s biggest platforms. Your designs will get reviewed by Bollywood’s top fashion designer, Neeta Lulla.  

What Will Happen After the Fashion Show?

Once our Live Digital Fashion Show ends, you won’t return home empty-handed. You’ll carry many valuable things with you that will remain forever.

1.New and Unique Experiences– Participating in our online fashion show will give you a new experience that will help you to become successful in future.

2.Learn New Things– Competing with participants from all over the world will help you learn new things from them. Also, celebrity judge, Neeta Lulla will review your designs, so that will be a great learning experience in itself.

3.You Will Be Satisfied from Within– Winning the fashion show will be a whole new level of achievement but even if you don’t win, you will not be disappointed. You will have lots of experiences and will learn so many things from other fashion designers that you will be satisfied from within.

4.You Can Start Your Own Business– You can set up your business account on various e-commerce platforms and start selling your designs from home. We will guide you to manage your business, while you design your collections from home.

boutique indian

Image Source- Maharani Designer Boutique

So if you are someone who wants to build an identity of their own and has passion for fashion then enroll in your favourite course with Hunar Online and get a chance to participate in our Live Digital Fashion Show. You will learn new skills and this online fashion show will give a new direction to your career path that will bring various opportunities to you through which you can become financially independent.

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