Reinvent Your Wardrobe with Trendy Vintage Style

Vintage Style Clothing

Vintage style has become a huge trend and a number of vintage fashion collections are now available in various department stores. People love to style vintage clothes. Your purchase of vintage style, antique or second hand items has a huge environmental, economic and consumer impact; it will help to reduce the global demand for fast fashion and the overproduction of commodities.

How to Style Fashion?

This collection of vintage style clothing and tutorials are inspired by fashion of the era of 50s and 60s. It can help you travel back to that era. You have to brush your styling skills and learn to tone the vintage style. Even though fashion trends change over time, there are some classics or vintage styles that always remain in trend, like black shift dresses, leopard swing overcoats and silk floral blouses. You can also add vintage style classics to your wardrobe, like t-shirts, denim jackets and hats. If you want to make a vintage item look more contemporary, add denim. A denim skirt, jeans, or jacket will do the trick.

Indian Vintage Fashion

Saree” is an Indian traditional wear and also considered as a Vintage Style or Retro Style Clothing. If you want to wear vintage clothes, then pair them with modern shoes and accessories. It will suit you better. A vintage blouse looks good with new jeans and accessories. You are going to recreate an era, not look like you are just wearing a costume. You can create so many vintage style looks with saree. Saree has lots of options to wear.

Bollywood Inspired Vintage Looks

In that retro era of Bollywood, you can find so many vintage style looks that can help you to style. Here, below are the some examples of Bollywood

Vintage Style

Polka Dots – It is the most popular vintage style in Bollywood retro look. From the late 60s to now, polka dot prints are still in fashion. Actor Priyanka Chopra Jonas wore a polka dot saree in some TV stage shows. You can also recreate that look in some theme parties.

Polka Saree

Source: Pinterest

Bell Bottom

In Bollywood Vintage Style, both male and female actors used to wear bell bottoms in the big screen and in real life as well. Aishwarya Rai Bachhan and Akshay Kumar wore Bell Bottom in their Bollywood movie ‘Action Replayy’. You can see it with high collar shirts.

Floral Prints

Not just mid Bollywood era of vintage style but also fashion trends for floral prints are always in fashion. Deepika Padukone wore floral prints in her Bollywood debut ‘Om Shanti Om’.

High Neck Blouses

Actresses used to wear high neck blouses in the old Bollywood movies. Like, Sonakshi Sinha wore saree with high neck blouse in the Hindi movie ‘Lootera’, to represent the vintage style of late 80s or 70s.

High neck

Source: Movie Talkies

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Hunar On

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