Types of Saree Borders You Can Create Using Embroidery

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Saree is a long piece of cloth wrapped around the body, along with a fashion design blouse and petticoat. This is one of the most popular outfits of women. While some women enjoy wearing it everyday, others prefer to wear it only for special occasions. This makes a saree the most popular choice of garment ever in India. Without a doubt, there are many varieties that are popular in different parts of the country. To enhance the look of these sarees, embroidery play a vital role. Just like sarees, every community and region of India has its own style of embroidery design and technique which makes them distinct and you can learn these easily with online embroidery courses. Every region also has a different type of embroidery design styles in their production of sarees and they keep setting new trends too.

The most important part of a saree, no matter what style or hand embroidery design is used on it, what separates one style from another is the saree border used on it. Many sarees come with some sort of embroidery design on the hem and alongside pallu. In most of these, borders play the main role to make the overall style of the saree look beautiful.

embroidery on saree border

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Online Embroidery Courses – Designs in Saree Borders

In no way, a saree whether it is modern or traditional, comes without a border, making it the most important part of a saree. Using embroidery designs, there are many types of saree borders you can create easily. There are many patterns, colours, sizes, combinations, fabrics, designs and techniques used for creating saree borders. All of these factors are different for each region and community in India.

Not just that, the creation of saree borders include lace, embellishments, embroidery. It also depends on what is trending, what people would like and occasions on which a saree will be worn. This is where the border comes in to define the look of the saree giving it an extraordinary finish.

The various kinds of techniques used for saree embroidery designs are Gota Patti, Zardosi, Banarasi, Resham, booti and many others. These techniques are considered to be traditional saree design techniques. Some of the modern saree design techniques are sequins, stone, lace, metallic trips, beads and ribbons.

zardosi saree border

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Saree Border Embroidery Designs in Online Embroidery Courses

There are many varieties which can be used while designing a saree border and new ones keep coming in the market too. The most famous and loved among all of these embroidery designs for saree borders ar

1. Temple Saree Border

One of the most traditional yet loved saree border designs is temple saree border design. It looks great when paired with cotton and silk sarees. The method involved in this technique is to weave it with rich zari on bright colours. This saree border style suits every woman and not just us, Bollywood loves it a lot too. Actress Vidya Balan, in particular, is quite often seen wearing sarees.

temple saree border

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2. Contrast Saree Border with Online Embroidery Courses

Firstly, this type of saree border design is paired mostly with Kancheepuram sarees and they go amazingly well with net, cotton and silk sarees. This design is considered to be the perfect choice for the modern styling of a saree. It gives the look of a leader when worn and helps one make a bold style statement which cannot be forgotten easily. You can understand this easily with online embroidery courses.

3. Mirror work Saree Border

Another trend which is almost impossible to ignore is the mirror work on saree borders. They look ecstatic with plain sarees to highlight the look of saree with just mirrors on the borders. Also, you can create a lot of styles and varieties of designs using just mirrors and basic embroidery on the saree borders. Your style and fashion sense will surely be appreciated by those who understand and follow fashion trends.

mirror work saree border

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4. Scallop Saree Border

This saree border design is for net sarees. Even a simple and plain net saree can be made gorgeous with little embroidery of scallop design along the border. So, the elements used in these types of saree border include mirrors, beads and intricate butta work among others. This type of saree is the perfect fit when you are attending a wedding.

scallop saree border

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5. Check Saree Border

This saree border is the simplest type of embroidery design in all the saree border designs. A simple yet incredible style statement can be created using just a checkered saree border as it looks very sophisticated. You can wear it for a professional occasion- it could be an office gathering, party or just a normal day at the office. You can make it a little party-centric using the blouse which is similar to the saree border for an even better style statement.

6. Velvet Saree Border

This is the kind of saree border which is being loved a lot by women in our country lately. Velvet saree border is a little difficult to pull off but not impossible once you have understood its basic alignment and placement. You can flaunt these sarees at high profile parties and weddings to look like an absolute diva. As per online embroidery courses, the only thing to keep in mind while creating a velvet saree border is to not use broad velvet.

velvet saree border

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7. Floral Saree Border

Last but not the least, one that cannot be forgotten is the saree border with flowers on it. This is a trend which has dominated all other border designs for a long time and we all love it. Even today, women love a saree border with floral print more than anything else. A plain saree can become classy with floral borders, even if the design is not too heavy. You can wear it to the office or small gatherings or for outings with friends and family.


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