Types of Plants You Can Use for Home Interior Décor!

plants for home interior decortaion

Many people think that the primary way to design a home is to paint, doing the flooring, cabinet materials and wall hangings. However, people also love the use of plants to decorate their home for a few years. What is home interior décor using plants? In simple words, it is an art of decorating your home with plants. People love to decorate their homes with plants because they are not high maintenance or expensive. Also, the durability of plants is more than any other materialistic item you may use for home interior.

Not only plants are cheap but are also good to have around for health-related reasons. Indoor plants purify the air and relax you in the best possible manner. Psychologically speaking, just a simple look at plants calms the nerves in the brain and sends you to a happy place. They eliminate the toxins from the air which is helpful when you have had a long day at work.

plant home interior design

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Many people don’t consider home interior design using plants as they don’t know the benefits of using indoor plants. There is a lot you can do with simple plants to decorate your home for aesthetic beauty. The best two reasons to decorate your home with indoor plants are:

  1. People don’t know how they can decorate different rooms using various plants at home.
  2. People think that indoor plants are hard to maintain and require a lot of time and attention.

Nobody has so much time and all of us are busy with various works throughout the day. You may have office work or various jobs at home. This is why you can use indoor plants as they do not take much time, space and help you to relax.

Easy & Cheap Home Interior Design Ideas

There are many plants and settings you can use as per the room you have in mind. You can use various kinds of plants like cacti, succulents and tropical plants to decorate those rooms.

Following are top ways to decorate your home:

Plant Shelfies

Shelfie is not an actual word but is a mix of Instagram lingo. It is a combination of two words- Shelf and Selfie. You can find a lot of ideas related to plant shelfies on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. You can search and then choose the appropriate design as per your convenience.

Bookcases with plants and plant decorating shelves create a very soothing environment. You can use this type of setup and show-off this unique simplicity to your guests.

Stand Alone Plants

There are various kinds of indoor plants which you can use like succulents, cacti or tropical plants. In these succulents and cacti too, you can use large and short sizes according to your need and the look you want to give to your rooms. For example, you can use short succulents and cacti for the bedroom, bathroom and other small rooms. You can use large succulents around the living area.

Other ways to decorate your living room is to use different tropical plants. These types of plants are considered to be the living décor items for interior designing. The only thing to keep in mind about tropical plants is that they grow themselves, given the right conditions. If you are one of those caretakers who like to grow plants then you can place tropical plants in a setting where there is some sunlight and passage for fresh air.

You can place a tropical plant near the staircase or beside a sofa set as tropical plants come with pots. These types of settings look beautiful and can help in calming the nerves.

 stand-alone plant in room

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Plant Décor with Collection

As the name suggests, a collection of plants means many different plants put together in a single place. You can place a few plants together and include other small objects around them for an aesthetic look. For example, you can put various succulents by placing each of them in curious small pots.

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You can place all of these plants together on a shelf for an amazing look. You can also put different kinds of plants like air plants, succulents, cacti and various objects together, which have a similar tone.

plant decor with collection

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Plant Décor with Crates

If you are wondering why you need a crate for plant decoration then the answer is simple. A crate is basically for plants lovers who want their home to scream- Go Green! You can get an antique crate with a mirror surface and put it near a balcony. If you have a great balcony view then the whole set up would look amazing. Otherwise, the plant décor itself is your balcony view. However, it is a win-win situation for you.

plant decor moving cart

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Plant Décor with Terrariums

One of the most popular types of plant décor is the use of terrariums. In recent years, interior designers are buying a lot of terrariums for customers and using them to decorate their homes. Earlier, terrariums were only used in restaurants where carts are used to serve food.

There are two types of terrariums known as Open Terrarium and Closed Terrarium. Open terrariums can be decorated easily using various rocks and layering of different materials. Closed terrariums are very fascinating as kids cannot ruin them since they are closed. These are great for school projects too. You can put them around the dining table too for a fresh feel around food.

plant decor terrarium

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